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Know about Donyi-Poloism Faith


The visitor & well-wishers must know the faith and customs followed by the kind hearted and brave tribal citizens of Arunachal Pradesh. Their way of life is based on their beliefs and can charm anyone with their colorful appearance and innoscent behaviour.  Here we try to jott down few lines on Donyipoloism faith.

Donyi-Poloism is the religious faith of the Tani Group of tribes of Arunachal Pradesh.  The faith is based on two cosmic phenomena 1. Donyi (Sun) and 2. Polo (Moon).  These two cosmic phenomena have got some natural attributes by which they create awe and respect in man’s mind.  So man turned to these two phenomena with awe and respect.  With increased respect man started weaving some stories regarding their origins and their present positions with their attributes of omniscience, omnipotence, impartiality, benevolence and justice.

Tani’s (the first man on earth according to Tani mythology and common term for man) respect and awe became deeper and began to see in these two phenomena spiritual force also.  With realization of a deeper emotion towards these two objects Tani gradually began to see divinity, and he started turning to them whenever he fell in some moral crisis or had to find out the truth or had to seek justice or when all the material aspects failed to give him the solace in his extreme suffering, both physical and moral.  In the process Tani ceased to see any difference between Donyi and Polo because of their identical divine attributes.  Today Donyi-Polo is a synthesis of the spiritual aspects of both Donyi & Polo and not two objects simply combined together.  And Donypoloism, the faith of the Tani group of people, is the faith in this spiritual synthesis, not on the spiritual attributes of Donyi and Polo separately.  In this sense Donyi-Polo is the Supreme Spiritual Being to guide the Trains in moral path to attain truth, justice and love.