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Hostel Activities(Exclusively for Arunchali Tribal boys)


The maximum capacity of hostel for boys is 250. It has two sections.

  • Upper Hostel :

  From lower primary and  Class-I to IV with a study hall and a dormitory.


  •  Lower Hostel

 From Class-V to X with a study hall and dormitories.


 Class wise Hosteller Students list (2012 – 2013) 


        Class                     No of students                                                                 

          L1                                  10

          I                                     28

          II                                    38

          III                                  35 

          IV                                   26

          V                                    37

          VI                                  35

          VII                                 29 

          VII                                 12

          Total                                        250



  •  Dining Hall: Hostellers have their regular food in dining hall. The menu inclu ded cakes, biscuits, buns, rice, dhal and seasonal vegetables. The in-house Bakery, Agricultural garden & Multi-cooking systems supplied the menu items.








  •  Prayer Hall: There is a well decorated prayer hall where every hosteller assembles in evening and prays regularly.












  • Central Kitchen: It has all modern facilities (electrical steam boiler, Solar boiler) which supplies midday meal for school students, food for hostellers and other festivals.









  •  Recreation for Students:
  •       Our Hostellers & day-scholars were provided seasonal facilities for playing Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Table-tennis, Chess, Carom, Ludo, etc.
  •      Hostellers were given balanced entertainment in the form of film & documentary shows on weekends.








  •   Provisions for Students:
  •        All Hostellers were provided with two sets of PT uniform for their morning drill, one set of Prayer Hall uniform, and a set of School uniform. Textbooks, workbooks, Library reference books & student’s notebooks were given to all students. Various stationery items and confectionaries were made available for students at subsidized rates in the School Canteen.