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Vivekananda Calling
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Arunachali Dance

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Highlights on National Youth Day Rally
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"Swamiji Jaisa Bano"
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"Ex-students Shri Raken Padu SP Aalo and Shri Gejum Tali, DIPRO, Aalo speaking to the students"
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"Shri A Barua APPS, DYSP, AALO addressing the children "
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"Dr Mary Nanom Taloh, Circle Officer, Aalo addressing the students"
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"Mrs K C Wangmo, DIO, Aalo addressing the students"
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My School Web-Board

Dear Visitors/Ex-students/students and all acquaintances,

Welcome on the School Web-Board. 

The School is proud to produce many luminaries from Arunachal Pradesh - "The land of Rising Sun", who are privileged to spread the light of knowledge on the both sides of hemisphere.  At the same time with the Holy Presence of Monks, inspired teachers and dedicated staffs are making the dreams come true to make our Arunachal shining with flying colors.

Here we invite all the ex students and acquaintances of this prestigious institution to post their sweet memories, achievements in life, ambitions, present fulfillment and contributions to the society as a posting to be read by visitor of this page.

Hope the platform will be fruitfull for bringing a wonderful memoirs of our students and acquaintances.

With all Prayers and Best Wishes.

Web Manager.

Ramakrishna Mission, Viveknagar, Aalo


Sang Dorjee
A.E.(E) Tawang Electrical Sub-Divsion
Department of Power
Arunachal Pradesh
February 5, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSang Dorjee
Thank you for the Web Board for the wonderful Memoirs to enjoy down the memory lane.
July 27, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterWeb - Manager

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