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Our Homage to Shri P.K. Roy (Jr.) Sir

Late Shri Prodyut Kumar Roy (jr.) Sir

We are very sorry to inform the sudden demise of one of our Best Teachers Shri Prodyut Kumar Roy on 25th September, 2013.  

Shri P.K. Roy (Jr.) (as he is popularly known here), born to Father Late Shri Sudhir Kr. Roy and Mother Smt. Amiya Roy, a devout Vaishnavite Roy family of Village Shibrampur, District Birbhum, West Bengal.  Age 54, a meritorious Science Graduate in Chemistry from Burdwan University met an accident on 24th September, 2013, Tuesday, around 1:30 noon.  He was accompanied by one of his students on bike, from petrol pump in front of Rigo Basti and just after 20 meters of their run, the bike hit the Saint Marry School bus coming from Aalo.  Both were seriously injured and Sir got a serious hit on the back of his head.  Also a glass from windows of bus made severe cut in his neck.  

Immediately after getting information of this accident his relatives and colleagues ran to the spot and took both of them to Aalo District Hospital for emergency. Moments of struggle for life and death, brought our respected sir in Coma, Doctors lost the hope and referred to immediately shift Sir to highly facilitated hospital.  The mission authorities approached the DC for the arrangements of Helicopter Service but till then he could not survive and left his mortal coil by 5 pm for eternal peace and painless journey. 

The biker Mst. Karbom Karga, student of class X-B of Ramakrishna Mission School, Aalo was also seriously wounded and he is still under medical treatment at Passighat Govt. Hospital. 

Late Shri Prodyut Kumar Roy left behind an aged mother Smt. Amiya Roy who lives in village Shibrampur, 45 year old wife Smt. Kalyani Roy, who is working as a teacher in Ramakrishna Mission School, Primary Section and a  young daughter Ms. Sreeparna Roy (17) studying in class XI in science stream in Ramakrishna Mission School, Aalo.  

As a head of the family Shri Pradip Kumar Roy, the elder brother of deceased, who is also a senior teacher in Ramakrishna Mission School, Aalo performed all the rituals connected to the last rites on 25th September 2013.  All the monastics, teachers, staffs, students and some local well wishers attended the cremation at Funeral ground on the Jinning road.  Some of Missions’ ex-students also drove from Itanagar and Passighat to attend the last rites to pay homage to their respected teacher. 

On the cremation day Ramakrishna Mission School, Aalo was kept closed in the honour of the departed teacher and the examinations were also postponed on 25th Sept. The examinations due on Wednesday, 25th Sept. will be held on 29th Sept. Sunday as a usual working day. 

In him Mission lost a devoted and dedicated educationist who was loved by all. He started his teaching job as a Metric Teacher in May, 1983.  In person, he was extremely accommodative, kind hearted, and reliable to his family, friends, relatives and students. 

An ardent devotee and disciple of Srimat Swami Bhuteshanandaji Maharaj, the then 12th President of Ramakrishna Order served Mission’s school as worship to his lord Bhagawan Sri Ramakrishna and always believed in “Whatever happens, happens by the will of Lord.” He used to practice his spiritual disciplines by Japa, Meditation and especially by singing Kirtans and playing Khol, Kartal and Tabla. He had a lovable personality with serene & peaceful appearance. 

Respected Sir playing Khol in the Shrine at RKM Aalo

Beside his achievements in educational endeavors he was also a good sportsman, always fit for Volley Ball, Football and Cricket, His friendly nature and amicable behavior won him the hearts of all. 

His great contribution to the tribal communities of Aalo is that his students who are leading their lives in flying colors with high achievements in society, are not only in whole of the Arunachal but also in all over the Country. 

We all pray to Bhagawan Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Maa Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda to grant the eternal peace & joy to the departed soul.