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Letter of the year 2012

To                                                                                                                       Dated: 15.10.2012

Swami Vashishthanandaji


Ramakrishna Mission School, Aalo

District West Siang

Arunachal Pradesh



Sub: Donation: My one month Net salary of September 2012


Revered Swamijji,


Pranam. Please convey the same to all other monastic members who are rendering yeoman’s service to humanity there. Enclosed please find a DD (A/c payee) no: 469265 of SBI issued from Itanagar which is my meager one month’s Net salary for the month of September 2012, which I am donating to RKM School, Aalo, as a token of my heartfelt gratitude to RKM School Aalo and also to the Ramakrishna Mission order for nurturing me to what little position I am in today. Though no amount of money or repayment can compensate for what RKM School has done for me. I hope that you would acknowledge the value of my gesture that is coming out from the profoundest core of my heart. Taking this opportunity, I would also like to express my immense gratitude to RKM School Aalo and all Swamijis and Maharajjis of the entire Ramakrishna Mission order, especially Swami Nageshanandji, Swami Kirtidanandaji, Swami Siddhartanandaji, Swami Gautamanandaji, Samir maharajji, Swami Suviranandaji(my Mentor) and your good self Swami Vashishthanandaji (2nd Swamijji… during our time) for bestowing your blessings upon Arunachal Pradesh, West Siang District, Darka and Kamdi villages and my entire family in particular. Our family today earns the humble distinction of being the most Elite family of Arunachal Pradesh, all because of RKM School Aalo only. My loving and enlightened parents Sri Pogam Padu and Smt. Mongam Padu are also joining me in thanking the RKM School Aalo and RKM order for having extended their valuable services to the family.


I hope, other who have been benefitted by the school, will also follow suit and emulate with the same sincerity and gratitude. It is a fact that if there were no RKM School (Along) Aalo, Arunachal would not have surged so much ahead in all fields in so little a time.


Hats off to RKM School Aalo!


Please accept my Pranams to the feel of Sri Ramakrishna, Sree Sree Maa Sarda and Swami Vivekananda who are the diving guiding lights of the Ramakrishna Mission order in the word.


With regards,

Thanking you


Yours faithfully,



Er. Gamnya Padu,

Executive Engineer, PWD (A.P)

Niti Viha , Itanagar.


Visitor's Opinion

Year 2011

Year 2011


28 Dec 2011

Visitor, Tourist


Pujya Swamiji

Thank you for taking the time to see us and explain to us the complete working of your institution. So I am very impressed with the students and the teachers and the campus.

I am very lucky to have the opportunity to see the institution and hope to extend and support I can.

With sincere regards

Jagadish and  Vedika Hemanjan

12 Dec 2011    


Arunachal Pradesh


Dear Swamiji,


It has been a great experience to visit an excellent institution, which is not only imparting education, but also making sure that all students are kept in close touch with our great civilization, on cultural values and tradition.

These children are the future of Arunachal Pradesh and also of a great country.  My sincere appreciation to you and your devoted team.


General J J Singh

12 Dec 2011.

Dear Maharaj, Respected Swamiji,

It was a great honor to stay here for two days. Affection shown by all maharajis will be always in my sweet memories for the years to come. Look forward to visit this place again.

With regards,

(Murari Bhat )


03 DEC 2011


Being a RKM student I always felt the connection and attraction to it. Coming here for official work was warmed by the hospitality and persona of Maharaj and people. School on top of hills among clouds made my mind to go back by good old school days spent at RKM Rahara. The peace serene environment around I felt home away from home. With my heartfelt greetings and respect.









Felt peace of mind as soon as I entered the premises. Good to find such a beautiful, calm & serene place in this part of the country.


Nirmal Goel

T. E. /CVC/N. Delhi

Respected Swamiji,

It was a great pleasure being here. The prayer meeting that you permitted to attend was extremely satisfying and gave me a great deal of peace.

The information that you are looking after and educating more than 2000 children here is an extremely pleasant surprise, that such an important educational centre is being managed by over a hundred dedicated educationalists in a remote part of the country is itself a commendable fact. My best wishes to the students and congratulations to you  and your team for the excellent work.


31 July, 2011

Madan Lokur

Chief Justice

Guwahati High Court

Respected honorable Swamiji,

I salute the dedication of your mission to bring the remotest areas of our country in the main stream. The values that you impart will go a long way in strengthening the nation. We assume you of our complete support.

With true regards.

Maj Gen S Kulkarni

11 July 11

Most respected Swamiji,

Today I visited this great institution to call on you since after my departure from West Siang on transfer I have not been able to visit this institution and inter with the esteemed and learned monks. From the interactions held today it appears that the basic problem  i.e the financial crisis in the management of staff salary and  disbursement of stipend to students still persists. I can assure that when I go back to Itanagar I will appraise the concerned authorities of the state Govt. about these burning problems and seek their consideration. May God give strength to you to run the instiltution efficiently even with such crises and problems in the larger interest and welfare of the people of West Siang as envisaged in the solemn message of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda.




AND personal Adminsitative Reforms etc.

Govt. of AP

Camp: Aalo.

Honbl’e Swamiji,

It gives me immense pleasure to be here in this campus of R. K. Mission of Aalo. A wonderfully designed campus carrying out various activities along with academic institution in such a difficult place for the cause of academic and overall development of tribes and other states of Arunachal Pradesh.

I am really impressed with infrastructure and varieties and people with missionary zeal working together for such a noble cause.

I wish to thank, congratulate and regard to mean all of mission & pray to god for further development of the mission.

With regards

K.L. Gupta/15-4-11


Regional Director

National Institute of open Schooling


Respected Swami Vashishthanandaji Mhj

It is a great experience for me today to seek and feel the experience o visiting Along Ramakrishna Mission and to know about the great job done by you and your team members of the origination at Along and at other remote interiors of Arunachal Pradesh to bring about the glory of wisdom and knowledge of the poor tribes of this Place and the surroundings.

I wish my sincere regards to you and your team for the great activities for the manifestation of the people and mankind as whole.

I wish all my best wishes for your dedicated activities.

With sincere regards

Sumantra Basu




Revered Swami Vashisthanandaji Maharaj,

It is difficult to sum up in a few lines the extent our gratitude towards you, the monastic brothers, teachers, staff, and students of RKM Along . our five months stay will be an experience chris and I will cherish always. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the marvelous work you are doing in Along on behalf of Ramakrishna Mission. We feel  certain that our relationship with you and with this institution will continue long in the future.

With humble pranams and deep gratitude,

Yours affectionately,

Emily Mc Intosh

Providence, USA

(and “Camp Along” )

I feel extremely privileged and fortunate on being invited for the annual day of one of the finest and oldest mission schools in the country. The school sets itself apart from the rest, in not only in environmental setting but also the sense of values and culture it imbibes among the students. The Swamis are doing the country a great service in imbibing their thoughts and teachings to the students, which promotes all round development, which will make the students of the school, the pillars of our society in the days to come. I wish the school all the very best for its ventures and success in every field.

B. K. Pande


5 Mountain Brigade  12 Jan 2011

Attended the second day of Annual Celebrations of the mission school. Wonderful cultural programme presented by the students and thanks for the rousing reception and welcome given. The cultural programme was of very high standard and all the staff and participants deserve due appreciation. 44 BRTF has been closely working with Ramakrishna mission in the past and shall continue to do so. My best wishes and compliments to the school.

11th Jan 2011

(S. k. Pandey )

Commander 44 BRTF.


Though we got the opportunity of visiting the R. K. Mission Along by chance. After visiting it we realized how lucky we are. The spiritual Aura it carries with it , the services it renders to the humanity makes one speechless. With shaping the personality of thousands of students it plays vital role in shaping the future of India. In our carrier of public service there is lot to learn and imbibe from its ideals…

Bharati Hollokeri

IAS Probationer.

We want to learn from R. K. Mission, the lessons of discipline and dedication, difficult to find elsewhere. Honored and privileged to be here; to have spent time with the monks.

Anupama . T . V

IAS probationer

Year 2010


R. K. Mission is a very exciting place. The educational activities, humanitarian deeds are very exceptional. Keep it up Ramakrishna Mission. The life of a student is shaped in a very positive direction by the R. K. Mission. It was a nice experience while interacting with Swamijis of Ramakrishna Mission. Good luck

Gaurav Dahiya

IAS officer trainee


31 Dec 2010.

This is my first association with R. k. Mission Ashram. A fantastic job been done by the math. On the visit Mrs. Raka Singh W/o Maj Gen RM Singh SM, VSM, GOC 56 inf Dir.

It was a pleasure and enlightening to be associated with such an institution.

Mrs. Raka Singh


I am fortunate to visit the institution once again and take part in the evening prayer along with my chief engineer Sri T. ketam happy to learn that Ramakrishna Mission School, Along has been rendering service for the development of humankind since last more than 40 years and I extend my best and sincere wishes that this institution will remain a pioneer in the field of imparting education in Arunachal Pradesh.





DATE- 28/11/10

18th oct 2010

My association with R. K. Mission has been since childhood since my parents are associated with the Ranchi R. K. Mission. They had visited Along & Narottham nagar of R. K. Mission. After having heard their wonderful experience of Arunachal Pradesh we were inspired to come here. We have had a very memorable stay. Arunachal is a place with very warm, friendly and hospitable people. Its been a wonderful stay and we would like to visit the Trip R. k. Mission in future.

Sayantani Gupta &

Vinay Nani



Its privilege to visit and be a chief guest on the Holy occasion of 15th Aug 2010 Independence day. Your school is the one of the best school of Along district. Om tumveer of Indo-Tibetian-Border police are always with you. Its my memorable visit to your school. My best wishes are with you.

Regards to all.


Sign Illegible

It is a very peaceful  and serene institution imparting the best education to the people of Arunachal Pradesh. My best wishes for a successful future



                  Dy GM, BSNL, ALONG 

R. K. Mission is a wonderful place to see the services being rendered to the society. We all wish them the success and all the best wishes.


Sourab Gupta,

GM, Mob,


We are proud to visit such institution. We wish all the success for the institution.

Chief Engineer (E), Dimapur

The institution is a shrine serving the society in many ways. As head of Arunachal my effort will be to improve telecom network in Along for the development of the society.

Shyam New/31-7-10

CM , Itanagar

94360 51555


Pranams Swamiji,

It is a proud privilege to visit your institution which is doing yeomen service to the society. We are proud to be associated with R. K. Mission and we at BSNL will do all that is required to provide best communication to all.

(R. Sanyal)

Chief GM, BSNL

NE-II Circle.

25th July 2010

This is my first visit to your institution. I shall be looking for fruitful contribution to your cause which is the cause of humanity.

(S. K. Pandey)


Cdr, 44 BRTF

May 13th 2010

Respected Swamiji,

Please accept my pranam. I came from Barrakpore a place near to Dakshineswar and baranagar  in west Bengal. I own God’s gift, due to my service. I have got privilege to visit this Mission. Really it’s a pleasure that how the organization is working in such a remote place since 1966. I believe the mission will definitely produce honorable, honest, sincere citizen of  India from the child bird who will bloom have on the bless of Thakur Shree Ramakrishna. This visit will remain in my remarkable memory.

Samir Sarkar

Chief Manager (Insp )

SBI, Corporate centre

Lingam Pally,



April 30, 2010.

Respected Swamiji,

It is my great long memory since 1983 when I was at Aalo. Accept my pranam. I will remain grateful to mission if my service is required and helpful in any work in R. K. Mission.

J. K. Sarkar.

Pranam Maharajii,

We are fortunate enough to visit this school and have got chance to see the campus around. It is really a nice place with green forest surrounding far from air/noise pollution. The institution established with all infrastructural development is really a fantastic one. I heard and I have seen the highest officers of the state are product of this institution is really giving yeomen’s service and hope to continue / maintain this trend.

We wish to be a proud parents of this institution in the days to come.

Mr . tater nima

Station superintendnent & Ts , Aalo./21-4-10


Mrs . Poymer Nima/21-4-10


This I an unforgettable visit to Ramakrishna Mission Along.  A magnificent work of educating around 2200 children of Along and surrounding area is being carried out here in a meticulous and well planned and organized manner. We are very much impressed that all needs of the students from textbooks , School Uniforms up to note books , pencils, rubbers is being taken care of .

Pranams to all of you monks.

K. Ramarao

andheri east, mumbai-400072




I am very fortunate to visit Along centre of Ramakrishna Mission.

The institution is best of its kind. It is managed most efficiently. PERFECT TIME MANAGEMENT.  I have learnt a few things and have many many more things to learn.

Swamiji’s ideas are propagated in very good way. BEST part which appeals to me is ; one of the Swami goes to the village with a projector, shows the activities undertaken by the mission and also shows some films. The villagers gather in a group to listen these and see programmes.

My observation is that the monks and inmates of the Ashram are over-worked, but they keep doing their part with a smile on their face. HATS OFF.

Respectful pranams to all monks.

Sandip P. Bhatia

Vissanji Park

Cross Rd,Dadar


It is a privilege to come to visit this school, and be able to look around the good work being done by the mission.

It is humbling to see the enormity of the work being done here and largely motivating to take up some work to be able to contribute.

I wish the institute all the best, and feel blessed as I leave; motivated to do some good

Anurag Varma





I feel proud to visit this place. I am an ex-student of Mission and it gives me immense pleasure to once again get the opportunity to meet the dedicated and self motivated team of Mission.

With all best wishes and continuous success.


Sudip Ray

Reliance Power limited

Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge city, Nari



I feel proud to visit R. K. Mission School Aalo. More 90% engineer in different are from this premier institution. The institutions have infinite contribution for the development of the State and country as whole.

                I wish that the tradition will continue.

With all the best wishes.



23rd January 2010

This blessed institution has moulded many generations of Arunachalles, who have gone ahead and carved the future of this state. Today , we realized how it has been able to do so… it is the pristine environment, the spirit of dedication and selfless service of  the management and the teachers and the divinity that pervades everywhere in this campus that combine to create excellence. The message of humanity and self-sufficiency that R. k. Mission Aalo imbibes in its students is one that all of us can learn from. We wish all the best to this institution and are truly humbled to have this opportunity to visit here and interact with the management and students.








I feel it privileged and honored to be In R.K. Mission School after 1978. I being the ex-student of R. K. Mission School Along feel very proud to be here again as a minister WRD. During my homely visit to this institution, I found that the same discipline which was in my student life. The Swamiji and Maharaji were kind enough to me & my family members.

I pray the almighty that the institution to go ahead for the betterment of the children as the welfare of the people of A. P.

With best regards and prayers.


Atum lolley

Minister WRD & Civil Aviatice

Cap. Along

I feel honored and privileged to be invited here as chief Guest in the Annual School celebration 2010. This was very first visit to this premier institution continuously engaged in providing quality school  education for last forty years or more. In my interaction with Secretary R. k. Mission School and its principal Swami Vasihsithananda and Ravi Shankar maharaj vote in academic and  co-curricular activities not only at state level but also competed at national level. The product of this school are occupying a high position of power in the state as well as at national level. This achievement could not have been possible without hard works and sacrifices made by Swamiji Maharaj and his dedicated team of monks who have come to Arunachal Pradesh to work for the cause of welfare of our tribal brothers and sisters.

It would be unfair on my part if I do not convey my graititude and thanks to R. K. Mission School authority. Extend my best wishes and pray to God Donyi – polo to give them enough strength for the service and welfare of people of this backward state our country.

All of them must keep it up.


Hage Khoda IAS

Commr, Education.

Year 2009

19 Nov 2009

It was very unexpected for me to find a centre, I mean such a big infrastructure in such a interior place of our country. I feel proud to be a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna – whose willing spread out very wonderfully all throughout the world. After visiting here in Along, to me the importance of R. K. Mission for our country become similar to Indian Defence.

Please let me know if any type of work which I can do for this Institution for which I shall be thankful to God.  

C\o Sri N. K. DUTTA                                                                                                                         Bikram Dutta

Silchar-788007                                                                                                                                  GUWAHATI-7



We visited the campus of R. K. Mission here at Along and got inspired with the devoted and courageous service of several sanyasis for the sake of our country men in the remote areas of holy Himalayan ranges. Several thousand students studying here are also getting the divine fragrance of Divine Soul ‘Ramakrishna paramahans and his great disciple Swami Vivekanand. Really it is a remarkable national job, these people are doing with their devoted spiritual lives. I am really happy and encouraged enough, after a short but memorable visit of Ashram.

Krishna Gopal Sharma

Dr. K. G. Sharma

Kshetra pracharak

Rasthriya Swayam Sevak Sanga( N. E.)




It is a spiritually uplifting experience to visit the R. K. Mission, to see Sanatana Dharma at its best. The mission is doing yeomen service in the area of education, given that over 2000 students from all over Arunachal here, and important Govt. functionaries today are all alumni from this school. I happened to visit R. K. Mission, Aalo, when school was not in session and could savor the sylvan surroundings and the peace and gust and the natural beauty all around.

May I wish Swamiji, all the monks, staff and the students all the very best for the future.

Date: 5-11-2009

(A.K. DEB)





I am here on duty as an election observer for Mechuka assembly constituency. Today I visited this place and met Swamiji. I understand a lot of about how this school was set up. The growth and the influence of this organization in the educational progress of the state. I could also understand the nature of the local people who though seemingly primitive are very sharp and clever. Unfortunately, I  could not meet the students  due to vacation. I wish to come here again and meet them.

It is a great work R. K. Mission is doing without loudly blowing their trumpet.

Devendra Nagrenkar

Joint commissioner

Mumbai customs

I am lucky to visit this school, this this is my childhood dream. But I could not study this school, my spiritual and emotion is at due in school.

Try and try again and again reach your goal.




God gave me opportunity to visit this school. Thank you God. This is not just a school. It is a school of learning values.

Dr. T. Ravi Prasad


08 June 09

I feel privileged and honored to visit the serene and beautiful premises of RK Mission School

The dedication and sacrifice of the teachers is praise worthy and beyond the realm of words.

I wish all the very best to the children and staff of R K Mission School, Aalo. Wish you all a bright future and happy life.

(Deepak Sharma)


CE(P) Arunank.

28 May 09

Visiting Ramakrishna Mission in the evening and getting an opportunity to attend the Prayer ceremony has been a memorable experience. It was really Moring to see young children having calm, quiet and peaceful personality. A rare thing in modern day envies and a teaching for other school.

Overall an indelible experience. I wish continued success in endeavors of R. K. M

Thanks for everything during this visit.



28 May 2009

This has been a very joyful visit to see young children from rural Arunachal get quality education and teaching for life. Ramakrishna Mission has done yeomen service to the people of Arunachal by running this school. The dedication of the staff is exemplary and I am indeed humbled by this visit.

I pray to the almighty to bless this institution and may it go from strength to strength in their quest for National Integration in the formative years of man’s life.

Thank you very much.

Brigadier souresh Bhattachary

HQ 3 Corps.

23rd May, 2009

It was an excellent experience of me and my family visiting the RKM at Along. The blessings, care, love and affection extended by Swami Vashishthananda, Ravi Maharaj and all other monks are beyond our expression.

Myself, my wife Nibedita and son Shiladithya will life long cherish the sweet memories of our stay.

The total environment is excellent. We have visited all the 3 schools, interacted with them and enjoyed all the same. I was really glad to get the opportunity to be visiting the great institute.

Hospitality extended by one and all will be our treasure in life. I sincerely look forward to visit again and have the company of these personalities.

On behalf of all of us we again convey our sincere thanks and gratitude to one and all.



5th May 2009

It was my proud privilege to visit this great institution for the first time today. I am really impressed with the ambience as well as the conduct of the various activities in the school. The pipe band being maintained by the school was particularly extraordinary. The school is doing a tremendous work in promoting universal brotherhood and tolerance for one and all. I wish the school great success and prosperity in the future.

All the very best

Brig A S Bedi

Cdr 5 Mtn Bde. 


This is my first visit to Ramakrishna Mission Aalo. It gives me immense pleasure and sense of satisfaction that such a institution is working in Aalo.  R. K. Mission School has produced some of the senior Govt. officials, political leaders, intellectuals. This institution stands tall for the last 43 years. I am very happy and privileged to be a part of this legendary institution. My heartfelt gratitude and sincere thanks to Swamiji to provide me the opportunity to be among the holy gathering. Your administration side any help and facilities required I will be more than happy to do the same.

All the very best

Amjad Tak


(D. C Aalo)


My second visit to R. k. Mission School Aalo. On 18\3\09 along with Haaza Shri Gadam ete and met the Swamiji of R. K. Mission. The creation of corpus fund of Rs. 20(twenty) crore for R. K. Mission school management by the Govt. is lauded and it go long way for benefit of this great institution. I appreciate the R. K. Mission teams.


Tatar Kipa

Minister (Education)

It is pleasure and privilege to be here in this esteemed institution in the North Eastern most part of India. Attending the prayer with the children was at once extraordinary and humbling experience. I congratulate the Swamiji and his team for his dedicated and selfless work in creating 2000 young Indians at a time for making India Proud. I pray to God in their continuous success in their endeavor.


Cpm SBI, NE branch

Guwahati 16/1/09.

I have been to many Ashramas of R. K. Mission. This was an unique experience – meeting Swamiji & his teachers - children are really amazing. I wish I should get those chances to be associated with RKM.

I wish the mission all success in future endeavors.

Jawahar Thakur


Pr. C. C. A. C. B. D. T

M. oF. N. Delhi


Visiting R. k. Mission, Along and attending this evening prayer with the children has been the memorable experience. Singing “Sare jahan Se Acha…” with the children gave a feeling one oneness and one vastness of our country. Despite logistic issues, considerable facilities have been setup in the mission premises and I am sure that the children are being very well groomed. I wish all success to the Swamiji, teachers and students in doing their best and in spreading the name of this illustrious institution all over the country.


(V. N. Kaila)



Year 2008


The campus has been inspected by me on 27-12-2008 from water conservation print of view. Wonderful,not a single drop of water has been wasted, but recycling option has been adopted. From global warming and climate change print of view the water management of this institute is best example. I wish all success of this institution.




Being a student of Ramakrishna Mission it gives me a great sense of pride to see the dedicated manner in which the schools and other educational institution help the people, help improve the society through the education they get there, the spirituality they imbibe in their life. Even the remote places of our country is getting the blessing of Ramakrishna and realizing the vision of Swami Vivekananda he had for India.

May the blessings of Sri Ramakrishna and Maa Sarada be with us.

(Tarapad Nayak)


Assam Telecom Circle


Along Ramakrishna Mission I found as the ideal place for propagating the principles of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda great work is being done by he society here. I am grateful to have visited such a lovely site(in Bengali language:  hy Ramakrisha tomar pranamo kori)


(Nishanath Benarjee)



11th Dec 2008

My visit to Ramakrishna Mission, Along is very much pleasure. I have seen all the sections of this valuable institution which inspired me by seeing all the development projects. This institution is doing the noble job giving the all out teaching to the students. I hope this institution will overcome all the difficulties under the good guidance of Maharajee.

I wish all success of this institution.

Dipak Kr. Roy/Dimapur

Manik Roy/Dimapur

A .N . Biswas/Dimapur

4th Dec 2008

It is my great opportunity to visit Along R. K. Mission. I may not come here again, but I always attempt to come here. The Holy Mother gave me the opportunity and arranged to fulfill my desire.

Dr. K. K. Halda

Prof. & HOD, Microbiology

NRI Medical College


4 Dec 2008

It is my privilege to visit this institute. The ambience is very beautiful and inspiring. The way self sufficiency is maintained is to be learnt. The prayer hall is serene and peaceful. And the children of the school are joyful and happy. Gods presence is seen here. God bless this institute and the people here.

Dr. Debashish Dutta

Professor Public Health

All India Institute of Hygiene& public health.


16th Nov 2008

I have never expected that I will write in the visitor’s register because I am ex-student of this prestigious institution. Today what I am its only because of this institution. Actually what I feel  for this institution its really difficult to write in this page. I only pray to Doni Polo, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda and Maa Sarada that may this institution be on the highest position.

Dr. Urvashi Dubey

National Botanical

Research Institute,


16 Nov 2008

I am really pleased to see the management and the efforts of the organizers to enlightened the mass of the human power. The way the organizers and the teaching staff involved in this organization will definitely achieve the mission vision and goal. I salute you all Sir,.

(Dr. D. K. UPRETI )

Scientist- ‘F’, Deputy

Director National Botanical Research Institute


16 Nov 08

A great and spiritually enlightening day. Met the children and gems of this wonderful  school who are doing Yeomen service to society and the people of Arunachal Pradesh. Their contribution in the last years can now be seen the entire upliftment of the society and an entire tribe of Arunachal. I am sure they do a lot more in the years to come for the entire Arunachal and all the tribes there in.

They have put in place a wonderful education system and place properly a model system which could be emulated by others , country over half of the monks who have left behind all their comforts to serve mankind.

Wish could be a part of it.

Personally would like to thank the principal and all the staff for enlightening me on their work here. All the best and will consider myself blessed if I can be of some service.

Thank you. Keep it up

16 Nov 08

Brig NRK Babu

CE(p)  Arunank

I am coming here after almost 11 years but still I am a student here. This institution has given more than I was worthy. There is still nascence and freshness around this complex. I feel very nostalgic and happy to be here.


Ramakrishna Mission School


Date: 02-09-08

Toni Bam


Guwahati High Court

Itanagar Bench.


Today is my visit to my alma mater after a long gap. The institute has grown beyond recognition.

R. k. Mission is pioneer in the field of education in West siang. Being Product of this institutute, I am proud of it.

I hope and pray that R. K. Mission, Along will continue to grow and impart the best of education.

J. Gamlin

Minister Home

15 May 2008

This impressive work needs to be sustained. The contribution to building Arunachal Pradesh is priceless. It nwas heart welcoming to see happy and healthy children.

DR. J. Chatterjee

Project Officer,

Asian Development Bank ,



Dt : 4-5-2008.

It was indeed a great pleasure to visit this institution. It is located well, a sprawling campus in peaceful surroundings. I was overjoyed to see the children, very cheerful and content. God bless this great and noble institution.

Mrs. R. Sharma

I Lt Col R. Parthasarathi j officiating commander, 44 BRTF and commanding officer 105 RCC. Moying was given the opportunity today on 30th April 2008 for distributing ‘A’&’B’ certificates & Annual training camp attended in Shillong. It was a great privilege to address the school children, of the prestigious institution, where the school has produced lot of laurels and children who has passed out from this school and have donned in various elite and prestigious services. keeping the flag and traditions of the school always high. It was a great honor for the kind invitation, God & the Almighty bless the school to a greater heights

Jai Hind!

Parthasarathi j &

Lt Col 30 April 2008

Saddening to that such a great, reputed institution is suffering from financial crisis. Though there is nothing I can do in this regard from my own side but I pray to God that it is overcome at the earliest. May it keep contributing in building future generations of the country.

Date :26-4-2008.

Padmini singla, IAS


I was a student in R. K. Mission, hostel at Chandigarh. It gives me great satisfaction and inspiration to great satisfaction and inspiration to see the enormous contribution of R. K. Mission school here towards progress of this place. I pray to God to bless R. K. Mission and continue its noble effort.






19th April 2008

Visited R. K. Mission  Along with my two children Joken and mimar, both ex-students of the school. As citizen and father, I am indebted to the Ramakrishna Order for helping to produce enlightened and responsible citizens. Trust the school will continue to render yeomen‘s service to the society.


Tomi Ete




Everyone has seen the line “ Work is Worship” written on the walls but after staying in this Ashram I have understood what is the meaning of the line “  Work is Worship “. No one will believe what a herculean task is been done by the monks here until and unless one personally visits this place. Swami vashishthanandaji mhj has shown me what is actually worship. Me and my family are overwhelmed by the activities of the R. K. Mission , Along. One best wishes.

Dated : 18/4/2008.

Ajit Kumar Halder



S.E. RLY. kolkatta

Dtd 18/4/08

Mission the premier institute of North East India is particular is found in the same discipline, maintaining the utmost dedication in Education even after 3 decades of my visit

(Tumken Bagra)

Addl. District Judge.

15 March 2008

I heard of Ramakrishna Mission School Along much since long but never had a opportunity to visit and interact with revered Swamijis .  Today, I am happy to interact with them by coming inside the campus.

School has grown old. Infrastructures have worn out. Much need to improve the infrastructures. By school authorities alone can’t do it. Government public had to give contribution physically morally to keep the institution alive and maintain the standards of the school. With present scenario, authority has to manage the infrastructures, fees of the students need to be raised.

I am glad to meet the school authority.

Taru siga

SE (pwd ) Aalo.

15 March 2008

As a long term resident of Mysore, I was a frequent visitor to Ramakrishna Ashrama, an institution for which I have the highest respect and admiration the school at Mysore is one of the finest educational institution I have seen in my life. Ramakrishna Mission has done and is doing yeomen service in the field of education all over the country.

I am particularly happy to learn from the Swamiji that all the 250 seats in the hostel are reserved for Arunachalees. This will find the Arunachalees find the rightful place in the society where for various historical reasons, they have been deprived of good education.

I am delighted and will come back in the near future to participate in the function and spend more time here

(K. C. Belliappa)

Vice Chancellor

Rajiv Gandhi Ministry Rome hills,

Doimukh. A.P 791112


13th March 2008

R K M Along is brightening the light of education.  Everyone of us should put on their best effort to keep it running in pink health, so that it can continue to help manifesting the perfection already in man.




R k Mission is doing excellent service in this remote area. They deserve all the appreciation for their devotion and dedication. I wish them all the best in their endeavor.


Hari Krishna Palimal

Principal Secretary

Govt. of A.P.

I am extremely impressed the surroundings and cleanness of the School Campus. I respect this institution because from this RKMs Aalo has produced many intelligentsia and officers. I wish will produce more and more good officers in the days to come. I impressed by the efforts made by the institution leaders.

Tatar kipa

Minister (education)


04 Mar 2008

It is a real pleasure and honor to visit this institute. The role being played by the institute, the devotion with which the staff is working are really praise worth. Development of children in this environment shall be an asset for the country and society.

Variety of extracurricular activities being adopted and followed by the institute and participation of children in those also helps in development of a different personality.

Wishes all best


National Level Monitor

Min. of Rural Development

New Delhi



I am extremely happy to back in my alma mater after a long time. I am proud to be a ex-student of this institute. Whatever achievement I could achieve in my life is due to this school. I wish and pray to the almighty lord that let his blessings be always over my school.

Dr. Yijum Toto(ex-student)

Surgical specialist

Er. Mrs. Gobi Toto (Ex- student )


I feel very proud to be one of the ex-student of this institute. Thank you very much for your kind blessing on me.

13 Feb 2008

I am extremely happy and greatly honored to be here today on my joining as commander 44BRTF. Complex is beautiful where children are getting proper education in addition to getting overall development in the missionary and visionary activities initiated by learned and determined management\teaching faculty. School is providing a great service to the nation by imparting education to the children of such a remote area. Such Education specially the quality of Education, provide a solid platform for children to build a befitting carrier in chosen field. It is a matter of pride for me to have been associated with this esteemed school which is a light house of Knowledge, discipline and character building. I wish all the best for the people who are engaged in carrying on this great Mission.


(Padam Kumar)S E(I)

Commander 44BRTF.



13 Feb 2008.

I had very good association with this school when I was at Aalo as Commander HQ 44 BRTF from 1999-2002. I could see selfless service of all the staff in this school. They are doing a Yeomen’s Service. They are all building true nation of today and tomorrow. Incidentally my daughter had her schooling in those days at this place and in family we all remember those old associations. We still remember all school functions and vigor with which everybody was participating.

I felt very happy and lucky to visit School again after 6 years, in the capacity of chief engineer (p) Vaitak. Lot of development has taken place since then.

I wish all the members for their selfless service and wish to pay regards to all of them. I pray the institute will grow up & bring future lead us.

(K k Y Mohindraka)


Chief Engineer

HP CE(1) Vaitak

1.       I am proud that I belong to this prestigious R K Mission school. I am proud that I was nurtured by the most dedicated Swamiji kirtidanandaji, Swamiji  Pramanandaji and maharaj. Their habits, thoughts and nature had become part of me. This is giving me strength / energy to face all the odds of life. Still I have miles to go ahead. Swamiji I promise I shall still move ahead in the line and direction/light shown by you. Your principles of life have become more meaningful in the present changing environment.

2.       I was brought up on this very school from 1967 to 1972 when I left to the saints school Impal.


Col G Hogi


Eying village

01 Feb 2008



Camp, Aalo

The  10th January 2008

I visited many religious places in India along with my family. But whenever I visit R. K. Mission Along & meet the monks, specially to Secretary Maharaj, it gives me and my family absolutely a different feeling. It occurs to me that I forget all my mental tension, I feel absolutely relieved. The peaceful atmosphere, the advices of the Swamiji is really a beautiful experience which I shall cherish throughout my life. When ever I visited Aalo, I never fail to come to this august institution even for a few minutes. My son studied  in this institution. He always tells about the excellent academic atmosphere of the institution. The ex-students of this august institution, I am sure all cherish in their memory their excellent atmosphere of this institution and their association with monks. I pray to God for all the blessings for the students, teachers and others associated with this great institution.

T. K. Banerjee

Asst. Gen. Manager

SBI, Regional Office,


It is a great pleasure to be able to visit the Ashram and have the blessings and other members of the Ashram. The campus is really beautiful fitting into the environment around the buildings. We were happy to know the contribution of R. K. Mission in the field o education particular and also for the overall growth development of the State.

Ø      Aalo town can be development into a tourist centre mainly with the presence of R. K. Mission, Natural beauty of the hills and river.

Ø      Education standard of the region has gone up due to contribution of R. K. Mission.

I wish it grows multi-fold, contribute to a greater level. & I wish to visit again and again.

Vidyadhar. S. Wodiyar


Year 2007

It nice to visit in R. K. Ashrama and it is a beautiful Place. We have come from Bangalore to do city development plan for Aalo town. Its good opportunity to do some good for Aalo town.


Nulesh kumar Modi

Architect / Town Planner

M/S Arch Plan



The sight of the Swamis, the disciplined students and regular prayers brought back to my mind, my early days in a missionary hostel. I want to commend you on the wonderful work in such a far of place. Your efforts will pay off and the people of this area have progressed and will continue to progress because o your dedicated work.

May god bless all the Swamis , teachers and students.

Dr. Basil S Kolkara

Dept. of Mathematics,

Nehu. 793022


A visit to the Mission is in many ways like a home coming for me. I feel proud to say that I grew up in the atmosphere of R.K.M (Shillong) and learnt many  a thing there, particularly from Sw Baneshanandaji Maharaj to whom I owe a lot. This visit has revived many old memories I cherish about my associations with R. K. M

I also feel proformaly humbled at being a part of this team headed by Stalwarts like the V. L of Nehu, Dr. Prof. Tandon and Dr V.P. Sharma, and to be able to speak at this celebrated institution.

May Sri Ramakrishna’s love and blessings be with all of you, for the wonderful work you all are doing.


Rahul Chattry


H\o Dr Lamba Kharkongor

Lower Lachumere,



I am truly humbled by this opportunity to be part of your noble effort to enlighten young minds. I can only ask for your blessings to be a good teacher and human being. If there is an opportunity in future where I can be of any help- I will be privileged.

In this constitution the mixture of east and west is an amalgam that only an enlightened soul like Vivekananda Swami can inspire.

13th Sept 2007


Gaurangi Maitra


Assam Riflee Publis School




With success comes greater responsibility R. k. Mission has succeeded in moulding the young minds and made them human beings in real sense. I pray to God that the family of R.  K. Mission be blessed to enable them to serve the humanity, the greatest service that your congregation has succeeded in carrying out this day,Yesterday and will succeed in timed to come.

For me it was a moment in life which I will cherish through out my life . I wish to come and visit thi divine place in future.

God bless you all.

13th Sep2007

Dr. S. R. Joshi


Dept. of Bio Technology

North –Eastern Hill Uni.

Shillong- 793022


It is my privilege and good fortune that with God’s kind grace to me I got an opportunity to be in Ramakrishna Mission School Aalto- a place so distant from the bourgeoning typical city crowds in the metros of the country. They say that seeing believes. Only those lucky ones who come here would realixe and have the divine feeling the ambence so serent, yet vibrant, with little angels (the students at the school from KG to calss X ) presenting such a disciplined and orderly group!  The most revered monks and teachers at the school are providing unbelievably devoted service to the society in remotest of the remote places in making and shaping the future of the country. May Almighty be with them always and bless us all through them.

Veena Tandon/13.9.07

(Professor of Zoology at North –Eastern Hill Univ.,

Shillong and Convener

NASI- NE Region Local Chapter)

I feel privileged and mist delighted to be here among the best in mankind, totally devoted to human welfare. R. K. Mission team is doing a yeomen service in giving education to the neglected and less privileged children in this remote area of Arunachal Pradesh. I am most impressed with the devotion of the mission members. A most notable feature of the establishment is the discipline which can be noticed in all acts of the children. I pray too Almighty that all these children get best in their life and that their desire and mission is fulfilled because I am sure that these boys and girls will set example of best citizens in the country and the entire country will be proud of them. May God bless them.

V.P.. Sharma\13.sept.2007

Former ADG and Director MRC

WHO consultant M N Saha

Distinguished Fellow, CRDT

IIT, Delhi.

It is a divine feeling that I have on visiting Ramakrishna Mission, Along. I am so happy to see the young boys who are getting the education at this school, the boys are very well disciplined and I am confident that they would become highly responsible citizens and contribute in national Building. My head bows in respect to Swamiji’s who had taken up the task of educating the people of the far flung areas of our country. May God bless all the monks, devotees and students of this establishment .

Pramod landon

13th September 2007

Vice- Chancellor, North-Eastern Hill University,


I am delighted to be here in this noble institution with which Shri Ramakrishna Paramahans, Ma Sarada Devi , and Swami Vivekananda’s ideals and names are associated.

Shrimad Swami Vashishthanandaji gives his own luminous blessings here to more than two thousand students he and other members are bringing up.

Arunachal Pradesh is blessed to have this institution in Aalo.

Visiting this institution gives me great faith in the future achievements of greatness of Arunachali youth.

The lord’s blessings with all of you.


July , 2007

S. k. Singh



R k Mission, school is a well known name in N-E . The institution is doing a Yeoman Service in imparting/spreading education and preserving cultural values and heritage. I wish the institution all staff and students best of luck, best of future and all the success in future.

God Bless


Sdr. 44 BRTF/11-1-2007

(Sri Sanjiv Sharma )

R k Mission school at Along is a wonderful school imparting education and Co-curricular training to young children of Arunachal Pradesh in a disciplined manner I an enchanting environment of Superb natural beauty. I got the opportunity of spending two days in the school with dedicated monks and simple and sincere students on the occasion of Annual Festival of the School coinciding with Swami Vivekananda birthday in 2007. I will never forget the experience – the experience so ennobling and inspiring! Let all children studying in RKM School, Along grow up to be Vivekanandas of Great India.

S Saha/11-7-07

VC , RGU , Itanagar

I had a very pleasant stay on 10th Jan 07 in the Ashram. Thank to the R k mission management for looking after making the stay a comfortable one.

T. Norbee/11-1-07

Secy. (PHED )

Govt. of AP


Year 2006


R. k. Mission has helped the local population and state in big way in the field of education medical care and other welfare schemes. They have helped the poor and needy persons of our society. They have provided help tour CPL of BRO. the contribution to the Arunachal Pradesh by R K Mission is noticeable and helping our society in big way.

BRO wish all the best for all round development in all activities and services to the common people.

S . S . Porwal, VSM/20-7-06

Chief Engineer


Year 2005

Ramakrishna Mission is doing an exemplary work in such remote area of India. Spreading the light of education amongst the first generation learner is not only difficult but it requires preservance. The Swamijis here have shown everything with lot of interest.

I am highly impressed with the work done by the lein of devoted monks. Hats off to them.


Jaideep Das

Education officer

KVS, RO,Guwahati


It is my proud privilege to visit this famous institute along with Hon’ ble Minister (Education) on 12/11/2005.this institute has produced a number of good citizens who are serving the state in various capacities.

The people of Arunachal Pradesh will always recognize this Yeomen service provided by Ramakrishna Mission School, Along over last 34 years.

I wish all the best for all round development of this institution. It may keep it up its service of men of service of God.


Niharendu Dutta

Advisor (School Education )

(Directorate of School Education )

Govt. Of Arunachal Pradesh )


Camp R K Mission , Along.

I am impressed what I have seen During his interaction with the Secy . R.K Mission Along and his group of teaching staff it is gathered that they have been imparting quality education since last 40 years which reflects through the academic results of this institution. I salute the Swamijis for their dedicated service for the welfare of this tribal students of AP.  In spite of insufficient grant in- Aid they have never allowed any store unturned for the betterment of the institution. My opinion is AP needs more and more such qualitative institution run by the NGO’s provided we have sufficient funds. I wish this institution all the best wishes for their success in the years to come. Looking forward to attend the function of Annual school celebration during this second week of January’05.

Chowna mien/12/11/05

Minister education etc

Arunachal Pradesh

My visit to the institution as Deputy General NCC, North East Region has been very useful. My interaction with the school authorities and ANO will help me to resolve various issues concerning NCC in better manner.

 Yours is an excellent institute and I wish to extend our best wishes for the betterment of the children and staff.

Keep up the good work and keep the NCC flag flying high.

24 Sep 2005

Brig(S S Chhileau)

It was very inspiring to take a round of the well managed school premises. The cleanliness maintained appeared to be a part of discipline. The various messages displayed were also inspiring and education about world religions.

The Management with devotion speaks about the sacrifice of the managements.

I wish all the best and desire to take inspiration.

With regards     

Dt. 6-02-2005

V . G. Bodwadkar


NASHIK-422009 Maharashtra

(Ex-Regs. Consumer disputed redresal form, pune)

Wherever I go, anywhere in India or Abroad, if there is an institution in the name of Shri Shri Thakur, Shri Shri Ramakrishna, Shri Shri Saradamani and the geat Swami for India Swami Vivekananda I try to visit and get their blessings. I was at Along 25 years back and I was very very closely associated with this Mission branch at Along.

Today I have come to Along for one day only. I didn’t want to miss visiting this Complex through for a short time.

I do not have to tell about the achievements and activities of the Mission. I can ably pray to Sri Sri Thakur for further success of this branch.

Let Sri Thakur bless all of us. And I convey my high regards and respects to Secretary Maharaj and all the Monks and their Associates.

Dated 10-1-05

With high regards    

Shiba Prasad Mukherjee

Ex- Chief Engineer BRO


It is a wonderful experience to spend four days in Ramakrishna Mission School , Along for conducting the workshop on biodiversity from 2nd to 4th Dec ,2004. The students (the majority of them being students of this school) showed keen interest and expressed genuine concern over the loss of Biodiversity in this State. Their spontaneous participation in discussion is remarkable. During our stay (from 1st Dec to 5th Dec morning)we visited the secondary and higher secondary sections of the school. We were most cordially by the Swamiji of the School as well as the teachers. We had the privilege to attend the assembly and the evening prayers. the ambience of the school, discipline and polite manners of the students speak volumes about the love of Swamijis for these underprivileged children of this state.

The school is undoubtedly one of the best managed schools. The Secretary maharaj and his devoted team of Swamijis have achieved the unachievable success through their selfless service. This is a remarkable success.

I sincerely pray for the school that many more children of this tribal area may feel proud of this school.

I wish school all the best.


(Ex-principal Scottish Church College , kollatta )/4-12-2004       


  (Jagadish bose national science talent search, kolkatta) /4-12-2004    


(prof in botany, bose institute basu vijnan mandir, raju bazaar, Kolkata) /4-12-2004    

Year 2004

I visited the school on 28-04-04. I am impressed the work of excellence is being rendered by this institution towards building future of the students. The commitment of the teachers and other staff towards the institution needs undoubt appreciation .The department to which I belong the department of Development of North east Region has contributed a small in the building infrastructure of the Institute. I am satisfied with the progress made within given constraints.

My all regards to the institute and Swamiji.



Krishna Kumar

Joint Director




An inspiring Institution providing quality life to the children not only academically but also on the ways of living. Very well disciplined children, motivated and dedicated to face challenges of life to climb up to newer and greater heights with an intention of lifting up the society as the whole.

I pray almighty and wish accomplishment of the aim of establishing the School.

K.K. Choudary


K.K Choudary

Regional Officer

CBSE, Guwahati.

Delighted to be in this school, the Ramakrishna Mission is indeed a National Institution and it been spiritually uplifting to see the dedication to work & Spirit of Service which is unparalleled perhaps in the world. I am very grateful to the Swamiji for giving us an opportunity to see this great institution.

With my deepest respects


Vice Admiral Raman pai


Year 2003


It was a thrilling and enjoyable experience to visit the school set in beautiful environment and address to students about various activities of earthquakes. Students showed keen interest in this topic and interacted through intelligent questions.


Prof . H. R. Wasa

IIT, Roorkee

I am impressed by the excellent service being rendered by the R k Mission to the community. It is such devotion that can propel the region on the path of bright/ prosperous future.

11th jan 03


Director , Govt. of India

Department of Development of North East Region

New Delhi

I am delighted to participate in the Annual Day Celebrations of Ramakrishna Mission Along. The Mission’s work in the field of Social Service health care and education is too well known all over the world .Its ideas and operational style embody the highest visions of Swami Ramakrishna Paramahans and Ma Sarada. The Ramakrishna Mission School in Along is part of this endeavor of the mission to inculcate the best of Character and learning amongst the students of this remote place of India. we have already seen the excellence of mind, body and soul displayed by the students of this Institution . I am happy that my department is able, in a small way to contribute to the growth of the institution and assist it in its noble task under the inspiring and experienced leadership of Swami Sumedhanandaji. I wish the Mission and the School all success in the years to come. May god bless all the teachers, students of the School and the People of the State of Arunachal Pradesh with peace and prosperity. May this State become the pride of India and may its people shine in all walks of life.

11th jan 2003

Atul  Sinha

Secretary , Govt. of India

Department of Development of North East Region

New Delhi

I am delighted to visit the Ramakrishna Mission School, Along on 10th January 2003. It is a matter of pride that my State is through this Institution getting excellent social services in the field of education. With all good product of the School State will find easy to find the destiny of all people – prosperity and Happiness.

Mukut Milli

Chief minister , Along

Year 2002

It gives me a great pleasure to have visited the R K Mission at Along today is 26th June 2002. I have met the Rev .Swamiji who has had an excellent interaction regarding the matters relating to telecom and miscellaneous. The interest shown by his holiness is all-round development has been excellent. His keenness to improve the facilities in his own establishment gives the telecom department an initiative and interest to improve the services further.

I feel I should spend more with Swamiji and get better enlightenment. May God give me the Opportunity.

I pray to God to give the mission more and more strength to flourish and train more and more worthy citizens.

V. Krishna Kumar



(V. Krishna Kumar)

Chief General Manager telecom

North east Telecom ll BSNL


Ramp @Along0n 26/6


I had the occasion to participate in the Fresh On’ Social meet cum Re-Union of Ex-Students ‘meet at Along RKM School.

I had the opportunity of visiting the prayer hall, hostels, Schools etc., the school buildings which are as old as 30 years are in deplorable wear and tears in spite of Special Maintenance etc.., provided by the School authority. However, the quality and functioning of the institution is intact and more promising.

The functions arranged was wonderful and worth attending. More interaction can take place in future with Ex-Students to supplement the effort of the Secy. Maharaj and his team.

The school has its past glory. I am sure the institution should cherish the same goal of imparting education to the thousands of students.

Takam Sanjay

 Ministry of Education

 Arunachal Pradesh



Year 2001


Could see wonderful blend of pious religious pursuits and worldly governance of Missionary activities for society’s good.

R. N Bhatnagar,24-01-2001

 Retd. Chief Engineer of UPSED,


24th Dec 2001.

It was indeed a wonderful experience to visit R. K. Mission, Along on 24th Dec 2001 and  enjoy excellent hospitality and courtesy of Rev. Swamiji . I thoroughly enjoyed along with my family and was reminded of earlier associations with R. K. Mission Cherapunji and Vivekananda Polyclinic, Lucknow.

The problems regarding telecom facilities were also discussed. We will try to solve the pending issues on top priority.

My sincere good wishes for carrying on the excellent work taken up by the mission to bring about all round development and awareness in this area.

S. Bhatwagar

G M Telecom

Arunachal Pradesh


We the Group of Advanced Professional Programmers in Public Administration in 11 PA, New Delhi consisting of nine members, visited R .k . Mission School and met the Secretary Maharaj. We had a very lively interaction with him about the School and social conditions in Arunachal Pradesh. It was apparent that the Mission was doing Yeoman Service in the State in the sphere of education which in the long run will build a very strong base of human resource for the development of the State.

We wish all success to the Mission.

 V . C . Goel ,



V . C . GOEL ,



I could accomplish a long pending visit to R .k. Mission Ashrama and School , Along today. I was taken around the campus by Swamiji and briefed about the activities. I am impressed by the good work being  done by this biggest school of Along.

I wish the students teachers and staff a bright future ahead.

S .K . Jain



S .K . Jain

 Dy.  Secretary, Ministry of HRD

Govt. of India,

New Delhi

                My association with R. k. Mission is an old age tradition. I give my best wishes to all the teachers and students who has helped the institution to earn the name and fame from all corner of India. May maintain the teachings of Shri Ramakrishna , Sarada Devi , Swami Vivekananda which will help us to alround,

Sign Illegible


Minister of power and NCER


I am very happy to visit this school. The school is being run by a dedicated team of selfless workers , Sadhus and teachers. My good wishes to all the students, teachers and staff

J . Vasudevan

Addl. Sec Ministry of Power

Govt. of India.


I am impressed by the marvelous surrounding and atmosphere of this school which is conducive for the healthy growth of body and mind of the children. Ramakrishna Mission has been doing Yeoman’s Service to the Mankind. The concept of Gurukul , having emphasis on Indian Cultural ethos is being implemented here.

I congratulate the Sadhus and Saints , teachers , members of the Management and particularly all the parents who have sent their children here, for their outstanding wish here. I convey my sincere best wishes for the bright future of the students. May God bless you all with all the courage and mental and material and material support in achieving commandry heights in education.

I myself got deeply impressed by the preachings of Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramahansa. Wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

Thank you for your excellent hospitality and hearty reception.

Jayawanthi Mehta.

Jayawnanthi Mehta

Union Minister of State for Power

Sharam Shakti Bhawan

Rafi Marg, New Delhi



Year 2000


The national defense college delegation visited the School on 02 Feb 2000 as a part of then socio- political study. We were very impressed with the school curriculum and the performance of the children both in academics as well as extra circular activities specially the performance of the band was excellent.

May I on behalf of the NDC wish the school students and its many more laurels in the future.

Warm regards and best wishes.

2 FEB 2000





Year 1999

12th Nov 1999

It is a beautiful institution and it is inspiring to see people dedicatedly working for a relief, for a cause and in the service of mankind.

The atmosphere is very peaceful and serene. I can only hope & pray that institutions like this flourish and increase in number so that a larger number of children can partake of this opportunity, of learning.

Thank you for the hospitality and kindness shown to us.

Sanjay Lhader

Secretary Education

Govt. of A.P

8th Oct , 1999

It is my rear privilege to be here. The social works and works for educational facilities among the boys of this area have simply no parallel. I wish this organization the premier one in the country, all success. I am really grateful to the persons here who tool all the pains to explain the activities here. Let me pray that the blessings of Shri Shri Ramakrishna will also fall on me and will guide me in future.


Jr. Secretary,

Home(police) Deptt.

Govt. of West Bengal

8th Oct , 1999

It is my rear privilege to be here. The social works and works for educational facilities among the boys of this area have simply no parallel. I wish this organization the premier one in the country, all success. I am really grateful to the persons here who tool all the pains to explain the activities here. Let me pray that the blessings of Shri Shri Ramakrishna will also fall on me and will guide me in future.


Jr. Secretary,

Home(police) Deptt.

Govt. of West Bengal


8th Oct 99

Since my first visit to Arunachal in early 1998 I had wanted to visit the R K Mission School in Along since everywhere I met the products of this august institution. I am happy I got the opportunity on this visit. The size of this institutions endeavor and its history are truly admirable. I hope it will always receive support from all those who come in contact with it or hear of it and its students will continue to be foremost amongst those will guide Arunachal’s fortunes in the future.

Deepak Sanan

Secretary Finance

Govt. of Himachal Pradesh.

During the process of recruit time for the Army at Along, I visited the School. It is a unique institution that only provides good education and enables the children to grow into matured human beings. God bless them.

5 oct 99

D S Dillari

DDG Recruiting North East


05th Oct 99

Visited the Swami Vivekananda School Along and met Asst. Principal I am greatly surprised by the selfless service, devotion to mankind for upliftment of poor and not so lucky.

S S Chhopra

ZRO, Shillong

My wife and I spent a couple of hours today going around this multi faced organization. As expected everywhere here is excellence, a touch of class. Our visit has been totally memorable, the devotion, enthusiasm, sincerity and honesty of purpose shown by the Swamijis and others are absolutely amazing. I have no doubt that the children from this school will grow up as excellent human beings. My hearty congratulations and best wishes to Sri Ramakrishna Mission.


P. M. Nair

Chief Secretary

Arunachal Pradesh


02 March 1999

Visited the serene campus of Ramakrishna Mission School at Along. I am very much thrilled by the humble visit and pray such many schools spring in the backward and developed regions of our country. Let our cultural heritage becomes our hallmark of development & prosperity.

V R Jayadas

Chief Engineer

HQ DGBR, New Delhi


I am always proud to be a proud to be a product of Ramakrishna Mission. Ramakrishna Mission has greatly contributed to the progress of Arunachal Pradesh through Along, Narottam Schools and hospital at Itanagar. I cherish to see more establishments coming up in near future. I assure all possible help from Arunachal Government.

I wish all the good luck for all endeavors that Ramakrishna Mission has taken for the benefit of the people Arunachal Pradesh especially in Man – Making.


Mukut Mishi

Chief Minister

Arunachal Pradesh.

My best wishes to all the family members of Ramakrishna Mission Along.

Hari Notung

M/Health FW


May Donyi - Polo bless the family members of Ramakrishna Mission School for eternal peace and a bright future in the academic carrier for the lucky year 1999.


Sri Lijum Ronya

Minister Home of Parliamentary Affairs

Revisited today on 13-02-99 I wish this institution grow further and best would like to encourage by fulfilling required demands of this school.

May God bless each of the member of the school community.


Tako Dabi

Minister Education



Year 1998

When I leave this world I wish to bequeath what remains for this beautiful creation of God to our future generation. To do this, we need to conserve, preserve and love the environment from the destructive model of development. A small step towards this goal is the use of non – conventional energy sources (NCER) like solar energy, bio gas etc. I am glad that this school is already initiated on the subject. It is heartening to note that the school has already produced many responsible citizens. The future of many young children in the able hands of the Swamijis and teachers of Ramakrishna Mission School Along.

I pray for their and brightness of knowledge ahead.

14th Nov. ‘98

Tomi Ete

Director, APEDA

The Ramakrishna Mission Ashram and the School is an excellent institution. It is a pride for the people of Arunachal Pradesh. I am a devotee and a well wisher of this institution. This institution and myself has grown together and so I have been seeing it since my childhood.

I am so happy and proud that this institution has become a all India fame. It has produced a lot of goof excellent officers and leaders and above all good people.

I wish that the Govt. and people of Arunachal should help this institute to grow more so that it can serve our people more and more.

I respect my deep and sincere respect to the Secretary Maharaj, other Swamiji and Brahamacharis and pray for their good health.

I also pray almighty Doni – Polo for the good health and prosperity of all the teachers, other staff and students of this Institution.



Minister Co-operation


Visited as a Minister Education to this R. K. Mission School today on 23-06-98. Attended meeting, inspected laboratory, library, class rooms etc.

I have a warm impression towards the School curricula – through which devices – the learned teachers could mould the teachers for – their betterment in near future.

It is an exceptional institution, widely acknowledged institution where real human children are remake, redesigned and allow them to be better, wiser citizen of this country.

I personally appreciates the pain being taken by principal, Vice – Principal, Monks, teachers and other officials for their constant Endeavour in promoting this educational institution.

I wish a better success in their endeavor and wish to revisit the institution in near future.

Sri Tako Dabi

Minister of Education


It was indeed a privilege and honor for my wife and myself to be visited to the R K Mission School Along for the Annual Day on the 50th year of RK Mission. The untiring efforts of the Swamijs and teachers/staff of the school in imparting education of an unexceptional quality to the children of Arunachal Pradesh was heartwarming. Quality education supported by the development of the moral fiber of the students as aimed at by the school is the essence for the enhancement of the educative environment in our country. We surely hope that more and more schools would follow this principles. Both of us wish the organization, the teachers and the pupils all the best in their noble endeavors and wish them “God Bless” for the years to come. Education par excellence is the prerunner to self as well as the nations development.

Brig M Swaminathan&

Miss V Swamnashni

(CE Project Vartak) 15 Jan 98

I have visited the32nd Annual School Celebration of 1978 as Chief Guest. I was accorded warm reception by the R. K. Mission School authorities. I respect this institution for giving equality education. I hope this institution will continue give same contribution in future too.


D P Ado

Minister Education

Year 1997

I am very happy to visit the Ramakrishna Mission complex, and very much impressed with the excellent work being done by the Mission in the service of the poor and needy people of the area. It is really a life time experience to be a part of such institutions.


Ajit Jain

Chief Manager

Lead Bank Office


I am extremely happy to visit the Ramakrishna Mission Along. It is nice to know the yeomen service rendered in giving the best education to the tribal people of the State. Selfless service to the poor and needy really elevates the status of the Mission. I pray to God Almighty that more and more Ramakrishna Mission Schools, Dispensaries etc should come up in the entire North- eastern region.

With regards.


K. Sabapatu,

Reserve Bank of India,


It was a great pleasure and privilege to visit Ramakrishna Mission, Along, I have visited different parts of activities of this institution and impressed by seeing the activities for is very important to build the nation. Long live Ramakrishna Mission, Swamiji and others those here extended their best help. Really it is a wonderful and unique. Anybody who visit Along he must come Ramakrishna Mission to realize the tremendous activities of the students. Thanks God that I have visited this beautiful place everyone who visit, Thakur Ashram, prayer hall he must see.

4th November 1997, Tuesday

Pulin Biswas


J. N. Tejpur

I am glad to see nthe activities of the institution and its performance. This spirit may be continued in mature future.

K. Borang


Camp: Along

I have visited entire campus with Swamiji and I found very satisfied the entire activities of the school explained by the Swamiji of R K Mission Along. With many best wishes to all the staff working in the R K Mission Along.

Hari Notung

Sports youth Affairs,

Local self Govt. and Panchayat

Arunachal Pradesh.

Even though I came here a number of times earlier while at Cherrapunji and at Narottam nagar, this was for the first time that I could spend six memorable days from 16.1.97 to 21.1.97 , thanks to the invitation of our dear brother Suviranandaji, the present head of this center. This time I came for the Annual celebration which went off very well through the infinite grace of Sri Ramakrishna, Maa Sarada and Swamiji.

I was very happy to see the  remarkable development of this prestigious institution. Further, the Annual Sports meet of the other programmes which are presented by the students were of a very high order. I was particularly happy to see the team spirit in which all have been waking together under the dynamic and able leadership of Swami Suviranandaji.

May this institution grow from strength to strength & produce worthy citizens of our beloved motherland is my sincere prayer to our Holy Trinity.

January 21, 1997

 Swami Gokulananda


Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi.

My visit to Ramakrishna Mission Along has been a memorable one. Though I have associated with this institution for last one and a half years, it has been my first visit. As a matter of fact, I had been thrilled when Swami Suviranandaji invited me to the institution. It was a great honor and I readily accepted it. Swamiji has taken me along the entire campus and I am greatly impressed with the work done here. A visit to Ramakrishna Mission will always be an elevating and inspiring experience to me. I record my gratitude to Swamiji for giving me this opportunity to educate and inspire myself



Arunachal Pradesh ,

Secretary education

Year 1996

I have visited Ramakrishna Mission Along this evening and had fruitful discussion with Swamiji, School campus is undoubtly best in the State. Thirty years existence of this institution has immensely benefited the state by producing excellent students who are now well placed in the Society and working for the State. I am sure Swamiji and all will work with same zeal and enthusiasm and the institution no doubt will continue to earn name and fame.


Mukut Mitra

Home Minister

Arunachal Pradesh

This happens to be my first visit to any Ramakrishna Mission School. I am overwhelmed by the devotion and commitment of Swamiji and his associates. The moving spirit in such a grand and marvelous level of work of educating the budding citizens of future India is ofcourse the blessings of Ramakrishna, Maa Sarada and Swami Vivekanada. I am sure the great work being done here in spite of handicaps of remoteness all crunch of resources, shall bear fruit in building prosperous India. I salute every worker and contributor to this pious work.

I wish if I get an opportunity, I would like to be part of this magnificent Mission of great value. There should be many more schools in this part of the country. Infarct the whole country should feel obliged and grateful for such a Mission aimed at building secular, strong and spiritual and morally strong India.

December 19, 1996

K. B. Mishra

Director NERIST, Nirjal

29th November 1996

It was a very pleasing and reminding experience to visit the R k Mission School in Along. The environment in which the young children are being educated and brought up gives hope for the future. I wish my institution all the very best in their endeavors.

P S DAS Vice Admiral

Flag Officer Commanding – in – Chief

Eastern Navel Command



It has been a long standing desire for me to pay a visit this Ashram having heard that Srimat Swami Vireshwaranandaji  Maharaj, my spiritual Guru visited in 1979. By grace of Guru Maharaj and Holy Mother, it materialized now and I could spend three days in peace of Mind in the Holy company of the dedicated monks of the Ashram though I missed Swami Suviranandaji who was away and I have made and unscheduled visit without prior intimation of the dates of visit in spite of instructions from Swamiji.

It was a great pleasure and privilege for me to go round the various activity centers of the premises though the school was closed for vacation.

The visit to a neighboring village where I accompanied, the mobile medical unit was an exhilarations experience. The whole village gathered to witness the film show and some of the people with ailments had the privilege of medical attention. My only humble suggestion is that some films of education value for the illiterate villagers may be appropriate while preceded or followed by a film of entertainment of short duration.

The premises and its beautiful scenery around is perhaps one of the best and unforgettable environment which helps to bring out the best out of the children studying here.

If it is received with pleasure, non – formal education to some of the adult or otherwise deprived of school education, may be considered if feasible only with an intention of utilizing the trip for medical help. These are only my humble thoughts after visiting the Ashram and knowing its activities.

This visit of mine shall remain as one of the precious experiences to last until I am alive and I shall deem it a good fortune if I can adopt some of the systems of this institution elsewhere if I can help it, and I shall certainly keep the Ashram informed if I succeeded in any such attempt. Invoking the blessings of the trio.

K. V. Nageswara Rao

Joint Transport Commissioner (Rtd)

Sri Sarada Devi Sadhanam

Jubliee hills

Hyderabad – 500 033

It has indeed been a proud privilege for me to have been granted this opportunity to visit this August institution. I am highly impressed with the zeal and dedication of the Swamiji and his team. The institution virtues and systems are such that they should be emulated by others.

Brig Surendra Varma

Deputy Inspector General Assam Rifles

Arunachal and Assam Range

c/o 99 APO


I am extremely happy to be with Swamiji. I want to see this Mission to be more prosperous throughout the country.

(B. R. K. Sharma)

Branch Inspector, SBI

c/o. 169 – shakti Vihar pitam pura


Reached Along on 10th Morning and left for Itanagar on the early hours of 12th on way to cherrapunjee. This short visit shall remain fresh in my memory for a long time to come as I was extremely impressed by everything I saw here.

12 September ‘96

Sw. Stitananda


R. K. Mission Ashram

Cherrapunji – 793 111




It is great privilege to be D C of West Siang, because of this I got opportunity to visit prestige institute like this “ Ramakrishna Mission”, I heard about R k Mission, I used to visit regularly the R k Mission at Hyderabad, I read lot of books of Swami Vivekananda I saw practically how the Mission is doing great service to the remotest part of this country. I strongly feel Arunachal is peaceful  among seven NE states, because of presence of institution like R. K. Mission, Sarada Mission, VKV etc.

During my stay at Along about 1 year 2 months, I felt homely whenever I visit this institute, I had greatest respect to Swami Suvirananda Maharaj who is providing good guidance to this institute also his hospitality. I pray to God to give good future to this institute also provide good health to Swami Suvuranandaji

My best wishes for Institute, teachers and students.


K. Narasimha IAS

D. C West Siang (dist)

By the grace of Sri Sri Ramakrishna atlast the long standing desire to witness the A.P Mission centers was fulfilled.

I left Itanagar at 8 am on7.5.96(Tuesday) with Swami Supriyananda and reached Along at 8.15 pm by the vehicle sent by Swami Suviranandaji Secretary, R. K. Mission, Along. He had made all arrangements for our smooth journey including rest and lunch on the way at likabali with all care and caution. The journey would have been very tiring but the Secretary Swamijis thoughtful and organizing ability. Thanks to the lord for there was no land slide on the way due to heavy rainfall.

We could spend 3 days in Along. The Swamiji in-charge, who has been working here for the last 17 years was extremely kind to take round. He explained in detail the activities of the center. I had the privilege to address the students of the Higher Secondary School, High School and residents of the Hostel. The boys were well behaved and listened to the words of advice with rapt attention. Needless to say that these institutions are very well organized and excellently managed with modern management techniques. The monastic brothers are loved and held in high respects.

We were also taken to the Bene village  in the mobile van on 9.5.96 by Swami Vashisthananda ji who has learnt the local dialect – “Adi”. He is quite popular among the Adi people and converses with them freely as if he is one of the loved family members. We could visit 3 houses with in the available time just to have the first hand knowledge about their life style and also housing plan. An impressive cultural and colourful programme was also arranges in the local community hall.

I am really grateful to Swami Suviranandaji for having made excellent arrangements for our comfortable stay, nutritious and delicious south Indian dishes and valuable gifts. Words are inadequate to express my sincere and heartfelt thanks for the generous hospitality shown to us.

I am sure under his able guidance this unique center will grow from strength to strength and will become like a oasis in a desert.

May Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother and our hero Swami Vivekananda shower their choicest blessings upon these dedicated workers, staff and students and dear monastic brothers  -  is the constant prayer of –


Camp: Along

Swami Veetabhayananda

R. K. M. Students Home

Mylapore, Madras-600 004

I consider myself lucky enough to have visited the Ramakrishna Mission School this evening. I see my clearly the foundation of a brilliant India being laid in the form of charter building of the students here.  The India of the dream of Swami Vivekananda is possible only by Patriot citizens who will never never compromise with the honor of the motherland, who will never bother for self and riches for their own comfort or aggrandizement but, who, every minute will think of and so only for mother India. Only citizen of robust character, unflinching fidelity to the country and a strong sense of service to the countrymen, will lead the nation high with its head in the committee of nations. I am confident, the corrupt and the corrupt persons will have to so and make way for the honest and loyal ones. India, a Bharat will then become a very great nation the Guru of the world in the real sense of the term.

I had a very lively and enlightening discussions with Swami Suvirananadaji  in whose tears – deep tears the love for the motherland and his compatrios can easily be understood in no time. Swamiji’s able guidance is a great asset for the school. It is doing a great service to the nation by building the character of the students.

I wish many more schools like this may come up all over the country and that our national heritage may be protected.


The 5th May ‘96

M. M. Dahima IAS

Commissioner, urban welfare, M.P

Central observer, E.C of India.

This is one of the most memorable visits. What R K Mission is doing is to produce good Indians, which is the need of the hour.

9th April 96

Air Mshl Ps Brar





Visit to the Mission after almost 9 years has been rewarding as ever. It is always pleasure and education to spend some time here. Not only it gives peace of mind but also motivates me to do good for the people selflessly. Swami Suviranandaji was all grace and treated us with very delicious meals. It was just a boon and I pray to god that the Mission and the good work they are doing is furthered in the coming years.


God bless them all with health and happiness.


Seva Dass IPS



1st April ‘96

I had a proud privilege to visit the Ramakrishna Mission School Along. It is my good luck that I got this chance meeting better service can be of the future wards of the nation.

Col R P Agarwal

Commanding Officer

162 Military Hospital


The standard of discipline attained at the R. k. Mission School is unbelievable these days. The extent of self – sufficiency is equally commendable.










CALCUTTA – 7000001.

My visit to R. K. Mission School has been very rewarding. A great nation building task is being accomplished here. This institution has a great future. I wish it all success.


J. k .Mehta IFS

Chairman PSC

Itanagar – 791111.

Year 1995

It was a great pleasure to visit this wonderful Mission which is dedicated to uplift the sentinels of our country, especially Arunachal Pradesh. It was an experience I was looking forward to in many years.

I wish them all the very best & success.


Chief Engineer


Border Road Organization

29 Nov 95


Presided over function “welcome to Fresher” on 5-7-95

K. Narasimha  IAS

D. C Along

On the request of Secy RkM, Swamiji Maharaj I have attended – Fresher’s meeting and Buddha and Tagore jayanthi today as chief guest. Entire performance of students and teachers were found excellent. This year R. k. Mission school CBSE result was excellent. I wish a continuous process in their successful management in the arena of education. The dedication of R. K. Mission organization for education development in Arunachal Pradesh will remain like a glitter gold and their foot prints will remain as a moral background in the process of our development.

 I give the best wishes in Tagore & Buddha jayanthi Divash to the family members of R. k. M. S. Along.

Lijum Ronya/1.7.95


Edu – Science of Tech.

I came here as a part of business dev. For my co., but was totally moved by  the environment of the ethics of the Mission.

Going back I shall try to promote the cause of the Mission for further dev. Measures, as much as can be delivered by them.

May the mission achieve its objectives of delivering service to the local community.

With all best wishes for the same.

Saikat Sengupta

Area sales officer

Nestle India Ltd

Calcutta – 700 001.

And the kind of service to the cause of Man-Kind that R. K. Mission is famous for, is once again seen in this Institution. In this land of dawn-lit mountains, the remote of which becomes bottle- neck for such activities, only an organization like R. k. Mission can take sacrifices. The real credit goes to the organization back-up, especially to Secretary Maharaj because efficiency of Army changes with one commander & not with Sepoy/force. Hats-off to organization chief Sri Secretary Maharaj and my deepest regards to him.

May almighty extend all help to the institution.


Rajesh Pradhan ITS

Telecom District Manager

Arunachal Pradesh



10th May 1995

I had the privilege to receive the invitation for dinner from the Secretary Maharaj of the R. k. Mission School, Along. Secy Maharaj took me around the school and enjoyed seeing the facilities available in the School. In Nut – Shell the institution R .k. Mission school is one of the greatest asset for the people of Arunachal Pradesh. This is the torch bearer of the people of Arunachal Pradesh.

I wish the School all success.

Sohag Tagong

Minister for Agriculture

Govt. of AP


Having visited this reputed institution under the Regis of the R. K. Mission, and coming to learn as to how, and with what difficulties and initial hindrances this institution was started in this area,- from Sri. B. R. Pegu one of the learned teachers of this institution, I simply realized by heart the truth – behind the maxim – “service to the humanity is service to God”.

Indeed this is not only an institution in ordinary parlance of the term, but a temple of learning – for material as well as spiritual awakening .

Myself and my wife besides my daughter Smifaksi and son – in – law Bhaskar are very much grateful for the warmth of hospitality and kindness showered upon us.

With salutation to Guru Maharaj

Salutation to Swamiji Maharaj

Salutation to Holy Mother

& salutation unto Doni polo

C. Baruah, IAS. Rtd


Gillapukuri Road




& Mrs. Minu Baurah, AJS

Chair Person, IM (D)Tribunal


I along with hon’ble Minister ( RWD) visited this esteemed Institution. The Hon’ble Dy Minister was very happy observing the good organization and the discipline maintained in the said institution. I expect and feels that in near future also this institution shall gain good reputation and brightness.

(1)Ligi Legi


Dy (RWD) Minister


(2) Takar Domi



It has been a great honor and good fortune for me and my wife to visit this wonderful  Mission which is doing so much service to the people of this remote region of our beloved motherland. It is indeed the selfless service and devotion of the Swamijis of the mission that a great deal is being achieved towards nation building. I have no doubt that the students are getting not only excellent education, but tremendous inspiration in following the righteous path and living life as good human beings. The atmosphere in the Mission is so peaceful and enchanting that I wish I could have spent my youth here. I and my wife are extremely grateful to the Swamijis who have been so very kind to have taken us around. We wish we could spend more time here. It has been a sort of pilgrimage for us to have visited this fine Institution.

I wish Schools and colleges all over the country could emulate the example of the school having set by the Mission.

It will be my honor to visit the school & Mission once again.

Sign Illegible

Maj Gen

General officer Commanding

2 Mountain Division

C/0 99 APO

D, April 95

Year 1994



We are proposed to visit R. K. Mission School, Along in addition to visit other place of Arunachal Pradesh. When we visit the Mission first time, we are really very much glad to see the discipline of Mission including the natural view of Mission which is maintained by the workers of the same. In addition to that, we are glad to say that, we are very much impressed to see the behaviours of our Maharaj with all the visitor’s including with the student.

S. Mandal & Party

Inspector of customs

Bispara, Jalpaiguri




It is a great privilege and pleasure to visit in such an Isolated place the R k Mission School at Along and the way it has grown to this Stage and pray that the school will grow to become a college and an university at an early date in the near future.

T. R. Aiyengar


It has been a memorable association with the Ramakrishna Mission at Along, and one that I shall cherish. The tremendous service that the Mission is rendering to the people of this remote region is truly worthy and commendable. It was always a pleasure to interact with the Swamiji Maharaj, and it has been an education, learning so much from his words of wisdom.

I pray that this excellent Institution is blessed with success in all their endeavors, and wish the Ramakrishna Mission, Along the very best.


26 Sep 94

Brig S Srivastava



For a long time I had a desire to visit this prestigious institution and at long last the wish has been fulfilled. I had heard so much about the school – what I heard was nothing to what little I had seen today. I had the privilege of joining the boys in the evening prayers. It was a beautiful experience. They sang so well. This school has done remarkably well in field of activity esp. studies. I am sure very few institutions in India can give this type of comprehensive education and produces a well – rounded personality within the ambit of traditional mores. I only wish that Govt. could start such institution all over country would then be bereft of multitude of problems facing it now. I will come again to spend some more time in this school.

My best wishes to all.

Ashok Nath

Dev. Comner


22nd May 1994

An institution so systematically managed & with so perfect motivation that I have no enough words to express. I feel it is only the grace of Lord Ramakrishna Paramahans, that I could see this one of the best institutions of India, and the best of Arunachal.

V. S. Varma

Ju. Asst Director, CRSF


Being an ex-student of R k Mission Deoghar, Bihar, I personally feel lucky to be with the Mission brothers in the evening at the prayer hall. The modern facilities in the kitchen and the installations of fans in the hostel dormitories are really appreciable. I felt home in the R k Mission. My best of wishes for my mission brothers.

Samudra Bagchi

Prime Chamfort Industries Ltd

New Delhi: 110060

19, Rajendra Park.


I have been greatly impressed by the devotional prayers, guard of honor presented to me by the budding children of the school. The management in kitchen and other activities of the institution is quite appreciable.

It is also noticed the students are given the good education and discipline for their bright education career.

I wish all the best and success of the institution.

Kabong Borang

Minister transport & State transport

Arunachal Pradesh.


My emotional attachment being an ex-student of this great institution has been dragging me quite often to visit the school and meet the Swamijis and children. Looking back the past history of the school, the institution has done yeomen’s job in imparting value based education, producing brilliant boys and girls who are now at the helms of affairs. I can proudly proclaim that my village i.e. Darkang has been one of the beneficiaries. The dedication and sincerity of the Swamijis, teachers in shaping the destiny of the students has been a hall mark in the annuals of history of such great institution.

I wish success of such great institution from the core of my heart.


Ay Commissioner

(Tax & Excise)



This institution an unique organization in the whole of North Eastern region is catering to the very basic and fundamental need of the people i.e., education. It has made a great impact on the local people. Serenity and devotion has been a hall mark of the Institute.

Sign Illegible



Year 1993

Many thanks for an excellent hospitality by the Rev. Monks of Ramakrishna Mission, Along.

I am also grateful to them for lasting the contingent of 12 State who came here for holding the National Integration Camp and looking after the participants with loving care and helping us making the camp grand success.





31 May 93

It was an unique experience to join the boys in the evening prayers. I was touched and felt proud that there are institutions like this one who are advocating the spirit of nationalism. Wish all schools in the country could follow the routine set by the institution. One feels proud and reassured that future of our India is safe if younger generation is molded and brought up in the lines set by this “ Great Institute “.

Maj Gen NS Katoch,SN, VSM




Twenty fourth January 1993 will be a memorable event in my life having visited the R. k. Mission School, Along where God resides in learning, creativity and mutual respect. Under the able leadership of the Mission Staff, I saw the cheer and abundant self – confidence; discipline and ethos of community living inculcates the children who are the image of God.

Wish the Mission a good success in the endeavors.

S. D. CHOUDARY ‘ Shravya chatern’

Chief Engineer, Sefuk progals

Border roads




I am blessed indeed to be here to witness the ever vibrant presence of Ramakrishna. The Mission has undertaken the task which has the blessings of Swami Vivekananda and where there is the right cause, right effect is bound to be there. The organizers have kept the spirit of dedication which is leading the institution to its desired goal. I wish the institution all the success and pray to Bhagawan Ramakrishna to shower his blessings ever and ever.

Y. D. Venkata

Secy Health

Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh


7 Jan 93

It was indeed a pleasure and privilege to visit the school. “I came, I saw, I was impressed”. This institution is rendering yeomen service to the nation. I wish you all strength and luck in time to come. Such institutions are the crying need of the day.

Air Mshl Dushyant Singh

Aomic Eastern Air Command


Year 1992

I visited the R K Mission School with my friends from Belgium. In the course of visiting I found the management in the school is quite fine and maintaining the real integrity and harmony as compared to the present situation fighting each other, communal violence everywhere.  The proper guidance made by the monks will really lead this State to prosperous and harmony. I wish them a good life and strength and may God bless them.

(Name required )


Minister Civil Supply

Coming to Along to me, is like coming back home; Coming back to the RK Mission, Along, to me, is like coming back to the happiest sutor of it. It has been my privilege that I have, in fact seen it grown from a Scratch; what a marvelous progress, it has made down these years, I wish this great noble institution all the very best of everying in the years to come;  It has been taking correct steps all along, and that to in the right direction.

Let us remember the great saying of the great Chinese philosopher of the 6th Century BC Laotzu. “Even a journey of thousand miles always begins with the first step”.

I am extremely glad to see the R k Mission, Along has already taken several steps on the journey of progress of thousand miles.

Madan Jha

Vice – Chancellor

Arunachal University


1st Dec ‘92

28 Nov 92

Ramakrishna Mission is doing a wonderful job for the upliftment of the tribal people of our country. May we have the same opportunities for more and more areas!

(C. L. Verma)

Chief Engineer

Project Udayak

22nd Oct 92

Such dedication for the upliftment of the backward communities/ tribal’s is beyond that which we usually consider human. The institution induces the Serene peace to all who visit it. I consider it a great blessing being able to visit this great institution.

Brig S K Ganguly


C/o 99 APO.


Joined evening prayer session and saw around dining hall, kitchen and the dormitory. Really stunned to see the discipline, cleanliness, and general management of the institution, this shall remain exemplary to all. The service of the mission in this backward region is indeed praise worthy. I wish all the best for the Mission.

(H. K. Barua )

DC, Dhemaji.



Om Shri Ramakrishnaya  Namah!

The visit was educative and exhilarations, Natural bounty, in the abounding scenerios, is an excellent back drop. On behalf of NEC, I am thankful, for the proper utilization of the SHWS. May lord Sankara bestow his blessings for the future development of this noble institution.

‘ Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara’

Dr. M. Ramachandran

Advisor (power)

North Eastern Council

Min. of Home Affairs




Hills, mountains, streams and river

Blood, sweat, joys and tears

Fog, mist, snow and rains

R. K. Mission School Along Flag shall carry on




Today morning has been a delightful day for me. I feel very happy to be in this reputed institution. I deeply appreciate the gesture of calling me here as Chief guest. I wish a very best for the Silver Jubilee celebrations of this famous school in the country. The overall set up of the institution is a living example of dedication and foresight of some very involved people. The future generations will remain permanently indebted to the founding fathers. I am quite sure that in days and years to come this strong institution will produce many bright boys and girls to take over many responsible positions in the country as well as aboard. I would have to see everybody in this organization every now and then to enrich my life further. Let God bless all in this real work of social and educational reconstruction.

Sign illegible


DC, Along




                It is inspiring to see so many young, innocent minds actively following in the training followed by the institution. They are being molded in the right direction in which our forefathers, saints and seers want us to follow. When one sees institution like this one is filled with pride and a sense of purpose. I wish all success to the efforts being made by the institution.


After visiting the Shillong and Cherapunji Ramakrishna Mission Centers (then in Assam) in 1955, I had no opportunity to come to the North – East of India so far though I had cherished the keen interest in visiting the Ramakrishna Mission centres started after 1965 at Along, Itanagar & Narottamnagar(Deomali) in Arunachal Pradesh well known for its green forests and wavy sub – Himalayan ranges and enchanting natural beauty. So ceasing the reasim of the inauguration of the beautiful Sri Ramakrishna Temple at karimganj in Assam on Bangladesh Eastern border north of Tripura, I made a plan of visiting the above centres associated with the Ramakrishna Vivekananda movement after the Karimgang function. Accordingly after visiting several centers in Tripura and Assam, I came to Narottamnagar, close to Digboi, reached via Naharkaatia Rly, sty, and Deomali on the 14th Feb evenings. The Ramakrishna Mission center at N’nagar is huge educational complex catering mostly to the tribal population with about 2000 students. Though the initial 2/3 days were cold, cloudy with drizzles, quickly the weather became pleasant and I spent about 14 days there enjoing the beauty of Arunachlal and visiting near by places – including Digboi, Thinsukhia and Dibrugarh, where also inaffliciated centers are flourishing.

I left Narottamnagar on the28th Feb for Along, apprehensive that it being closer to the Himalayas and farther away in the North – East it may be cold, chilly and rainy. The Secretary Swamij (Suviranandaji ) on getting the message of my coming had sent the Mission vehicle to bring me comfortably from sonari – Ghat after crossing the wide ( about 10 Km – Straight ) Brahma putra river by a stream boat ferry from dibrugarh which takes about 1 ½ to 2 hrs to cross. Starting about 11:30 a.m from Sonarighat in the vehicle we reached at 8:15 pm on the 28th Feb travelling amidst beautiful scenes on grinding hilly road, though it was a long tiring journey having started from N’nagar at 6 a.m.. we were also happy to see the herd of elephants on the hill in the clearing made by Jhoom cultivation about 300ft above in daylight about 5 pm.  2K. m from Garu village towards Along.

After reaching here amidst very good and pleasant weather all my apprehensions melted away like the mist before the Sun by the warmth of reception of our brothers, and the very comfortable arrangements made for my stay and entertainment. It was as if transported to heaven  by the environment, good weather, scenic beauty, and love and care of my brother monastic’s, who are all young compared to my 73 years.

This was not all in the next few days of my stay, I had the opportunity to be taken round the vast educational complex with High School, Higher Secondary School, Hostels, Playgrounds, Librararies & laboratories, art museums & printing press, the well stocked stores of requirements of students like Text book, notebooks, stationery etc. for easy availability, the dispensary, the gymnasium, the feeding place for daily free lunch to students  in the afternoon, the orchidarium, poultry, Apiary, goshala etc and the big beautiful prayer hall in the first floor cum kitchen – dining hall on the ground floor at the top most place of the educational complex, which is situated in a valley with different levels and surrounded in the distance by the hills and the Along town with the building of Assam Rifles on the hill slopes close to Along. I also saw the 60/70 teachers quarters in the Mission area which comes nearly 70 acres.

Visitors here are numerous who have high appreciation for the serene atmosphere of the Mission premises and the highly beneficial it has been doing in the educational field, with high standards, spreading education and elevating ideas and ideals among the people, especially the tribal population. There is also the mobile medical service given to the different tribal villages from 10 to 15 km away 4days  in a week. I had the opportunity to go with the mobile van to kabu village 11km away was very happy to see their houses and meet their men and women folk and mix with the children. It was a very happy occasion for both and they entertained me.

I had also the opportunity to meet some of the military officers and commandants and have lunch with them and also to see a school run by the Assam Rifles. I had the opportunity to give a talk to the staff and teachers  there on our movement and the ideals of the education and the Mission of India.

It is redeement to say that after all these experiences that the Mission center at Along is carrying on wonderful activities of the service and spreading of high moral and spiritual ideas and ideals. That I could notice in the several tribal peoples both common people as well as the educated and advanced men whom I had occasion to meet and talk to. I carry very high and enduring impressions of the work here and my stay in Along for almost 5/6 days and I leave today with happy memories and leave behind my best wishes for the growing success of the Mission’s work at Along  and surrounding places.

Ramakrishna Mission

Along 4/2/1992


Swami Mukhyananda of Belur Math

After long interval I am so happy to be in an education institution which is run by the Ramakrishna Mission. I along with Secy. Education had spent pleasant evenings with Swamijis. I have been shown video cassette about the activities of this educational Institution at Along which gave some idea. If time permits and opportunity arises in future I would like to see by myself its activities. However, services rendered by Monks of Ramakrishna Mission are well known to everyone in our state. I have also enjoyed simple but delicious dinner along with officers of State & central Govt. serving in Along in Monks quarter.

I wish Swami Suviranandaji and his team of learned and dedicated monks all success in carrying out their noble cause and service.

With warm & profound regards.

26th Feb ‘92




I had visited the Institution and very much inspired. I am happy to listen the Bhajan and Songs which presented before me. I also happy to see that photographs of the great religious founders are displayed equally.  I pray to God that this Institution shall produce many children to be good citizens of India.


Sign illegible

Home Minister

Arunachal Pradesh

Year 1991



I am inspired and old memories of my childhood association with Ramakrishna Mission again revived. My own maternal Uncle had taken ‘Dikshya’ direct from Mata Sarada Devi. Therefore apart from the other matters the Mission for me has an emotional attachment.

I pray homage to Shri Ramakrishna, Vivekananda and also wish success to the devoted and dedicated monks working here.




Name required


Arunachal Pradesh

After 2  1\2 years of stay at Along I am leaving this place. Among the fond and cherished memories of Along, what stands out significantly is my association with R. K. Mission School which is unique in its own way. It is amazing how well the school is run in this remote corner of our country. There are no two opinions about R. K. Mission School being amongst the best schools in India. The credit of all this goes to the dedicated selfless service of the monks who manage it and the devotion of the teaching staff. I wish and pray to almighty for their continued success and will always remember, the monks and the staff posted during 1989-91 period and will remember them with nostalgic memories. May the school continue to achieve greater laurels.

(Brigadier H S Bagga)

19 Aug 91


Visit to the institution this evening has once again strengthened my belief and confidence about the excellent service to this state in general. It is the constant dedicated service which is the key to success. The school has already produced so many professionals through very high standards of academics. Equal importance is given on preparing the young boys to meet all challenges of life. I hope wish & pray that on a constant basis this school children shine in their life and bring name and fame to themselves, the institution, the state, the country and the society as a whole.

I wish all concerned great success.



Secretary to Governor

Itanagar, 791111


Year 1990

13th Dec 1990

I had a strong desire to visit this school as their institute has contributed substantially  in the field of education in our state. It gave me an additional source of inspiration to work with greater dedication by seeing the dedication and devotion cultivated by Swamijis. My best wishes to all.

(Thupten Thempa)

Minister RWD


8th Sept 90

Here is another Vivekananda trying to change the world through a silent but significant transformation by teaching counseling and preaching, instructing and guiding and showing the light in the remote border area of Along. It has indeed being my unique privilege to have received his blessings and benediction today.

Name reqired

D. O. S.S.B  IPS

Assam of Arunachal


My wife and I were deeply honored to be here at this renowned institution. I had heard about the school before. My visit has provided me with a firsthand opportunity of witnessing not only how modern education is being imparted but also how an ideal process of integration is taking place. I hope we can have similar schools especially in the far flung areas, so that education – quality education - becomes available not merely to the rich but to all throughout the country.

I wish the Ramakrishna Mission Swami Shantarupanandaji all the very best in their noble effort.

15-6- 90

Himachal Som IFS

Joint Secretary, Min. of Ext. Affairs.

13th Jan 1990

It was a unique privilege to have been able to visit this school and see the students, teachers and others at work under the guidance and inspiration of dedicated monks and Swamijis whom I wish all the best in shaping the future of education in the state and in the whole country.

C.L. Anand

Vice chancellor

Arunachal University


Year 1989


21 Dec 89

I feel that I am indeed fortunate to get an opportunity to spend some time at this famous institution. It has been an emotional experience to see such dedication, devotion and serenity. The young children of today will make excellent citizens of tomorrow with the values being inculcated. I compliment the Swamiji and the teachers for the excellent work being done. I wish the institution all success in the attainment of their noble goal.

(Daj Gen S P DHNGON)

Goc, 2 Mountain Division.

02 Feb 89

My visit to the Mission was brief but it brief but it was very enlightening and invigorating. It is indeed a matter of pride for each one of us to see the excellent work being done by the dedicated souls of the mission.

L. M Sinha

Air Marshal

Air officer Commanding in chief

Eastern Air command shilling.

Year 1988


After several years of my leaving school as a student, I had a real pleasure to be with children and attend a prayer. I enjoyed a real touch, for the first time, with divinity, which I could not have experienced in most famous temples. It was so serene, so peaceful, so divine to be with the children at prayer. The religion touch and its slow inroads in children will make them real human beings to serve their fellow beings and mankind at large. Educating these children and making them real human beings is the greatest Mission.

K. H. Patel

Dy. Branch Inspector

SBI – z10,



I think it is really the first time I have visited the mission and spent so much of time.

I am highly impressed with the mission’s basic aim.

This particular institution here at Along, I feel an excellent institution.

I am highly impressed by the way the school is functioning.

The way the students are doing so well it is really excellent.

Both in the academics as well as the sports fields.

Even the simple mechanized system in the kitchen is also very much worth appreciating.

My compliments, appreciation and credit goes to Swamiji, staff and mission. Especially the Swamiji!!

I wish the school and the Mission all the best and my sincere and heartiest congratulations for doing an admirable human job to improve the lot of poor and humanity as a whole.


(I.I.M.S.                RANA







This was a priority item of visit in my Along trip with long associations with Ramakrishna Missions everywhere, even abroad, I had expected nothing less than the dedication, hard work and service which I found here. Even , then to find the successful and cheerful way that R. k. Mission fulfills itself in difficult surroundings always revive our hope in Mankind.

Smt. K. Sood IAS


It was a great pleasure and privilege to visit the Ashram and join the inmates in evening prayer. I was immensely impressed by the different activities being undertaken in the institution. Under able guidance of Swamiji. Truly lads were full of zeal gave the feeling of one in such an interior place. My best wishes to all inmates and deep regards to Swamiji.

Name required

1GC, CRPF, Shillong


It was a matter of great delight and inspiration to come to R. K. Mission school as the chief guest on the on the occasion of Buddha Jayanthi and Tagore Jayanthi. The glimpses which the children provided of these two great lives, through songs and dances etc were enchanting and revealing. I consider it as Sri Ramakrishna’s blessings to be called upon to be present here.

With Pranams to all Swamijis

In the service of my Master

M. Lakshmi Kumari

President, VRM + VK , kanyakumari


On the eve of my departure from Along on transfer and posting as Secretary Health and Family welfare, govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, my mind is flooded with lots of fond memories of my association with this great institution. During my tenure as the D. C West Siang, I had the best of love, affection, blessing & co-operation from Swami Gauthamanandaj Mhj and all the monks. The amount of hard work and the dedication shown by these great souls is unparallel in the annals of any institution. Wherever I may be, and in whatever capacity I may be, I shall always remember them and this great institution and shall always contribute my mite for the welfare of the great institution in the years to come. May the children of this great institution blossom into beautiful flowers and spread their fragrance throughout the nook and corner of our great country.

Cabom Sam

13th April ‘88

It was a privilege to visit the Ramakrishna Mission, Along. Swami Suvirananda was kind enough to receive me and take me around the campus. The campus location is such a beautiful place that one’s spirit get enlivened by the natural beauty all around. It is a perfect place for meditation and to divert one’s thoughts to religious pursuits. In fact it is a visit worth not only in terms of understanding the activities of the Mission which are creditable but also in terms of solace and mental peace one got.


R. Padmanabhan

Secy to Governor. 



We are spell bound. No words to express the principals, manners of the school. The school is very beautiful, neat & clean surrounding. One wants to come here again. This institution is a great contribution to the nation. These institutions will make our nation great.

Chopras (Along)

Jains (Silapathar & Dimapur)

6th March 1988

I am highly impressed by the campus, the activities, and the various institutions of the school. The concept of real education is being given practical shape by the direction of the Swamiji and his colleagues. It is a successful experiment in composite and total education in which the children are involved in the process of doing while learning also. That’s why the education here is more abiding and deep. It is a matter of great satisfaction to know that local children are showing excellent results. They are seemed to none. My best wishes for the management, the faculty, and the children. God bless them all.

Name required


R. C. P Arunachal Pradesh


3rd Feb 1988

It was a great pleasure visiting the institution and joining in your prayers. You are doing valiant work in giving a good character base to your tribal children. National integration and love for fellow men are basic needs of our country. You are doing good to your nature by your endeavors. I wish you all success.

(VN . Sharma)

Lt Gen

Goc-in-C eastern command.

I had the pleasure to visit the R. K. Mission Along on 13.1.88 in connection with its 22nd School Day celebration. I found the Institution very neat and clean and well maintained. The children are also very homely and cheerful. The Swamiji Mhj and his staff were very hospitable and noble. I hope the institution will improve further in every respect and shall produce good and useful citizen for the country from this part of educationally backward area. Thy best wishes for institution and its children and other teaching staff.


(khapiso Khong)

Minister for education

Arunachal Pradesh

Year 1987

17th Nov 87

I deem it a proud privilege, indeed a unique honor to have been able to visit this great institution, namely R K Mission School, along, which is striving for excellence in education in this remote, but important part of India. I must confess that I had never imagined that such an ideal school does exist in our country where the great goal of ennobling children’s body, mind & soul was being translated into action by a team of dedicated self effacing hand of Sanyasins and teachers. How I wish there were thousands and even laths of such educational Institutions all over India where the great ideals of ‘dharma’, ‘patriotism’, & ‘humanism’ and universal brotherhood are taught and preached!

It has been a visit full of the rare discovery of the ultimate excellence in education. I am indeed overwhelmed with joy and enlightenment by coming over here.

I wish all success to the R. K. Mission and its dedicated Sanyasins in the whole endeavor.

(R. K. OHRI)




20th May 1987

It was a honour and pleasure to have attended the morning assembly and gone round the campus. The school is a remarkably well run institution. The important thing is that the pupil is the most important individual. I wish the institution all success met’s aim of assimilation of the people into the main stream.

Name required


1G CRPF Shillong.


25 April 87

R k Mission school appears to be an island of hope in this isolated corner of India. Their aims and aspirations have been high and it is good that their achievements are matching up to their aspirations. I hope the school will bliss forth better citizens of India who will contribute to the Arunachal Pradesh and India

M. Aarohar

Lt Gen

Goc 4 corps

3rd April 87

I do not know what power it was that attracted me and made me select Along as a place to visit on a long needed holiday. Perhaps it was the force of Bhagavan Thakur Sri Ramakrishna Paramahans whom we have revered from childhood. Having seen the splendid work done by Swamiji giving innumerable opportunities to the children of the soil to draw out and blossom their innate talents and turning them into gallant sons and daughters of mother India, I am loathe to go away from this place. I feel like staying & helping Swamiji in preventing many a flower from blushing unseen and losing its fragrance in the hilly air. May the lord God and Bhagavan Ramakrishna help me to do this and provide some justification for my having existed.

L. S. Pai

Director Finance KVIC

BOMBAY 400056


7th March 1987

It was a matter of great honor for me to be received so affectionately by the Monks and students of the school. I was greatly pleased to see the various activities on the school campus – which have contributed so greatly to the development of human resourse of the State of ARUNACHAL.

My very best wishes and greetings to the students, Monks and all other connected with this institution.

Looking forward for another visit in the near future.

(R. D. Pradhan)




29th March 87

Being my first visit to the North East, and only two days old in Along, I was naturally surprised to find an

Educational institution of such a high quality here.  It has been here for more than 20 years and its contribution to the people of Arunachal Pradesh – which has only first becomes a State - is immeasurable. It was also my first visit to an institution run by the Ramakrishna Mission. I was delighted by the experience, and especially the stress on the basic unity of religions – a feeling so much required and yet so catching these days.

I hope to have greater interaction with this great organization and sincerely wish it every success.




Year 1986

I had the privilege of attending the evening prayer here today. It was indeed a great experience.

This institution has lived up to the great traditions of R. k. Mission and is bound to grow in the years to come. No other organization could render service to the community to the extent this community is doing.

I was touched by the kindness and hospitality of the Swamiji. I wish him and the school all happiness and prosperity.


(B. K. Saha)

1GP, CRPF, Calcutta.

22nd June 1986

This is my first visit to the school. This school is in reputation with the legend and reputation of the R. k. Mission anywhere in the world. Keep it up

Catom Bam I. A. S

D. C. West Siang


13th Jun 86

It has been a delightful experience spending an evening with the children and the staff of the school.

My best wishes go to all the children for a bright and happy future. The country needs integration and the institution is on the right lines to get people together and keep them as one class.

God bless

Name required



I cherish my happy associations with R. K. Mission Along. Although this association is of that duration – but it is eventful in as much having associated with almost all activities of the institution. The discipline of the students of the school was a matter of pride for the district administration. This put Along on the national Map in the field of education. The devotion and sincerity of the faculty members and Swamijis  is reflected  in the grand output in the form of able students – who have shown themselves  in the various fields of life. There is a handful mixture of modernity an ancient in their teachings having passed on to the students – which is a bright spot in the otherwise slightely showed environment of fundamentalism on communalism. Investment of members and the public in the institutional activities is another significant aspect.

I wish all the prosperity for the teachers and students and a phenomenol growth for the institution.

I will cherish with fondness my happy on satisfying association with the institution.


Sign Illegible

D. C Along

5th May 1986

It was a pleasing experience to go round the Ramakrishna Mission School giving a most salubions atmosphere to a student to grow up in the most conducive atmosphere. Swami Gautamanandaji explained the various activities of the school.

May Almighty shower his blessings for the institute to grow further.


K. E. Ayyan

Dept. Surveyor of Works

P.W. D



A most memorable experience indeed, here is an example of the great Sri Ramakrishna’s grace working to its core blessing hundreds of souls. I have no doubt that these students will, with the radical footing in life in this place, will be the forerunners of hundreds of their kith and kin in their whole some personality. They will all be hail to the grace of Swamiji, the dream citizens of our ancient values as well as equipped with modern traits.

I should consider myself fortunate if I can be of any little help in any matter for this institution.

With all best wishes,



R t nagar



My wife and I visited the RKM School today and were honored by an assembly in the morning by Swamiji, his staff and the wonderful children of this excellent Institution. To say the least, the school is run in an exemplary manner by highly dedicated, honest and qualified staff who are ably guided and directed by Swamiji. What strikes one on immediately entering the campus is the air of discipline and orderliness which is so essential and conducive to learning. The students are highly disciplined, polite and neat in their appearance and habits. The other aspect which is highly praise worthy is the through sense of dedication and professional competence amongst the entire staff, whether teaching or administrative. It is very heartening to see that there are some people in this world who are doing their job so well and unselfishly. They derive satisfaction only from seeing their students grow and reach great heights in life.

I wish the R K M school, Along and through it the complete of network of RKM schools all over our country, a great and prosperous future and all my good wishes in the achievement of their noble aims.


Brig Vinod Uppal

Deputy Director General Assam Rifles



I visited this illustrious institution along with my wife and child. We are going back with nostalgic memories of this unique cradle for future illumanaries of the nation. The dedication of the staff with the able leadership of Swamiji is inspiring. I pray to God that this institution grows from strength to strength and provides befitting education to the students.

(Hirah S Sen)


I visited this illustrious institution along with my wife and child. We are going back with nostalgic memories of this unique cradle for future illumanaries of the nation. The dedication of the staff with the able leadership of Swamiji is inspiring. I pray to God that this institution grows from strength to strength and provides befitting education to the students.

(Hirah S Sen)


Year 1985

24 April ‘85

It was such a pleasure to visit this institution – so neat and clean, so self sufficient in everything, how one wish that we could have such schools all over our country. My salutations and noble regards to the noble teachers and Swamiji who are directly participating in this holy nation building yagna.

(S. K. Benarjee)

Deputy Director SIB Tejpur.

I have attended the prayer and visited the School Complex. It is a nice organization of devotion, duty and religion. I am very much pleased and feel honored to meet the Vice-principal and other priests. Really it is a great entity of Along. Without this institution Along cannot be visualized. I wish success and pray to God that this Ashram be the divine guide for the children of today who would be citizen of tomorrow.

C Parashar – Writer of Bengal

(N.C. MITRA)\19-2-85

Staff officer

HQ CE(P)Vartar

C/0 99 APO

This evening was one of the rare occasions in my life when I had the opportunity to visit this Institution which is rendering yeomens service to educate and discipline our youngsters, the future citizens not only of this Pradesh but for the unification of the country as the whole.


Shiva Kumar Dhindaw

Administrative Advisor

Manager Hill

Vascool agama – Goa


I feel blessed that I was fortunate to be able to visit Ramakrishna Mission School. The mission is doing tremendous work and their contribution towards preparalies of young boys for nation building. There is so much serenity, dedication and sense of purpose, that one goes bevel with hope that the youth will build this nation. My best wishes to the School. May they continue to do the good work.

5th Jan 85

Brig Sekeral

I consider myself blessed in visiting this centre of R. K. Mission.

A very fine and neat & clean place set in beautiful surrounding. The prayer hall, school hostel and also the kitchen attracted our attention. Especially cooking done in hygienic way and scientific  way.

I pray god may this Institution further prosper. Arunachal Pradesh needs this type of Institution. Very much to maintain culture and integrity of the nation.

S. R. Raj Derkan

Regional Director


Dept. of Atomic Energy

Govt. of India


I am highly glad to the R. k. Mission and its growing flowers. It is nice to see and to be with them when they are in prayer. Particularly their discipline makes me very happy which I cannot express in my poor words. It is my first chance to visit it. I will try to visit again if time permits me. With my heartiest love to the new flowers of R. K. Mission, Along and humble regards to the monks and the makers. I hope its all success.

S. C. Malakar

Central Institute of Hindi

Agra – 282005

 U. P.



It was a short exposure to the varied activities of the R. K. Mission School; I was not only impressed but overcome, there is so much goodness in human life around us, this school apparently teaches its words to elicit the nectar out of it and emerge in the final outcome as good human beings. I shall make it a point to have a more detailed exposure as and when the opportunity permits.

With gratitude.

M. D. Menon

C/o Deputy Commissionerr,

Dibrugarh, Assam

Pin 786003

Year 1984


6th Oct 1984

I had the proud privilege to visit the Ramakrishna Mission. It is extremely surprising and it seems unbelievable that in such an inaccessible place such a beautiful institution with all modern facilities could be arranged for the students. I am also astonished to learn that the students who are in majority the local boys and girls are not only doing extremely well in their examinations but also are securing places in all India Merit Tests. One can easily understand the tremendous hard work and devotion the Swamijis had to exert  to bring all round success of such Institution. I really feel that the Swamijis who are here are trying to give practical demonstration of Swami Vivekanada’s dictum – ‘ service to men is service to God’. I hope other institutions should follow such discipline, cleanliness and efficiency.

Susantha Dutta

Advocate high court, Calcutta

Middle ton Court(flat 304)

H/2, Middleton Street.


Phone:- 44-6674


I had the opportunity to visit the R. K. Mission School Along for a short while. Earlier I saw Sharada Mission School at Khonsa I was immensely impressed by it when, I landed here. I wanted to see the much acclaimed standard of education and discipline among the students what I saw was far beyond my imagination or what I could I have been put into words. I wish all the best in the future. I hope and wish that this place will be a model for other educational institutions in time to come.

Dr. Deepak Talwar

M. D. (post graduate)

R. NO:13, Resident Doctor

Hostel, R. B. T. B hospital

Kingsway Camp, Delhi

Pin No: 7113491/ext 32


I have been looking forward to this visit for a long time and by Sri Thakur’s grace, it has been possible to visit today. I have no words to express my joy on seeing this institution and sincerely pray that many more such institutions come up in our motherland and every child comes up with  the teachings of Sri Thakur and Swamiji so that all of us live in peace and harmony. I am so grateful to Rev. Swamiji for having shown us around and explained every aspect of this wonderful School in such a loving manner.

C.M. Malik

General Manager




It was an experience of great interest for me to go round the institution. I wish I had come during academic session. Ramakrishna Mission School is doing a great service to the country not only by imparting education to the children but also inculcating in them the spirit of national integration.


S. B. Narayana Rao

Dig CRPF Patna

I came to see the school but the boys are on a vacation. I am learning and longing to be back here after 15 April 1984 and shall then write my impression in detail.

28 Mar 84.

Cpl .Kuknetery


I am genuinely delighted after my visit to Ramakrishna Mission School, Along. It is indeed the premier institution of its brief in Arunachal Pradesh. What specially impressed me is the dedication of the staff;& the healthy atmosphere in which its students  have a work. Not only are the children made scholars but also good citizens of our country. I am sure many of them will become future doctors, engineers, teachers, social workers – soldiers. I wish the institution every success. I am grateful to the management to have afforded me this opportunity for a glimpse into their noble activities.

15 Feb 1984


Maj Gen

HQ 2 Mountain Avison


I with my wife had an opportunity to visit R. K. Mission on 16th Jan 1984. We both were pleased to see the various activities of R. K. Mission. Mission is doing yeomen’s service to the society as well as to the nation.




BOMBAY – 400001



I with my wife had an opportunity to visit R. K. Mission school on 12th Jan 1984. I was impressed very much by the works of the Swamijis, and services they are rendering to the people. I wish the institution all success.


(M. Dai)

Sec. Education (AP)

Year 1983


A very rewarding and educative visit to this fine institution and my good wishes to the Swamis and the children for being lucky to be in this environment.


Maj Gen


02 DEC  1983

I am highly moved by a visit of esteemed organization and very much inspired by the activities of the      R. K. Mission and particularly lucky to participate in evening prayer whereby I got high spiritual energy.


K. Samanyam

Dy. Branch Inspector

State Bank of India

12.3.6 suryavapet



Since long I had a fond desire to pay a visit to this highly reported institution. Today I have had the great privilege to fulfill that desire. A great institution with a great Mission! I thoroughly, enjoyed the visit& the feeling is shared equally by my wife, son & daughter.

16th Oct 83

Sk Sharma

Sqn ldr

105 HU AF

C/o 99 Apo


16th Oct 83

After spending about a hour or so with Swamiji around the school & its study, I wish I would privileged to have been born in Arunachal Pradesh, and be a student in his school. A immensely enjoyable, educative & invigorating experience I, my wife and my two daughters had!

CPB Magd vm

Wg cd

Air force Station,

Chabna, Assam.

It is indeed very hearting to see that such good work is being done by the mission in remote area like Along. Today India needs badly such Missions not in one or two but in thousands. The missionary zeal with which each one is working be bound to improve the general character of the masses. The change will be brought by the young budding children. I had the pleasure to meet today.

May God bless the mission and the good work it is doing for the halleiment of humanity in general and country in particular.





An institution with dedication imparting education to the tribals with an inspiration in them. Some work seen in the electronic laboratory of small children shows how these boys are picking up with this world. Discipline and maintenance of educational standards is really  worth praising.

Bhagawan Sahar

Advocate High Court

10 Band Road Allahabad


Smt. Uma Sahai


Chacha Nehru Bal Mandir


A visit to the Ramakrishna Mission anywhere in the world is like a pilgrimage to me – Pilgrimage to the rediscovery of my own self, for sustenance of all the values I cherish. But what Ramakrishna Mission is doing in Arunachal Pradesh is something much greater and bigger than providing individual solace and peace. It is a social and national service, the real work of which is appreciated If we turn our eyes to the turmoiled state of affairs in other hill states of the North – East. Here, the sanyasis of R. K. Mission are trying indepatignely to bring the people of these sequestered valleys to the main stream of Indian National life. The peace that prevails in Arunachal Pradesh now speaks eloquently of the success of the gentle sanyasis are gaining in their venture. No politician, no administrator can achieve this with such short span of time and with so much durability.


(Dr. A. K. Samanta IPS)

Deputy inspector general,


13th May 1983

Today I had the much associated opportunity of visiting this remarkable institution. Indeed it was a wonderful experience. The institution is playing the key role in the over-all development of the area. I have no doubt that the comprehensive education being imparted here will go a long way in promoting economic growth and national integration. They should also now start laying emphasis on development of entrepreneurial skills among the students so that the new generation is able to avail of the facilities and in continues being offered by the Govt. for self employment. I wish them all success.





Today the 9th day of May 1983, will be remembered by me because of this visit to this institution. It is a rare occasion to have such chances in life to visit such human institution like this. The Swamiji of the institution has definitely devoted his life and work upon the institution. May God bless him and his institution.

I, being a tribal, feel that some more institutions should be constructed among the tribal’s abode so that the slumbering genius could have awaken to the call of the day.

The memory of the visit will be stored in the hidden corner of my heart for the days to come. The light that lit upon the top hill of remote Along “THE RAMAKRISHNA MISSION”, will be seen and adored by every peace loving human.




It has been a pleasure to visit the institution once again after a lapse of eight years or so. A few minutes in the calm atmosphere of the Ashram gives one a lot of peace. It is gratifying to see the growth of the institution and see the children been trained to become good students of model citizen of our country.

I wish the institution the best of luck in their laudable endeavor.

5th May 1983





It was a rewarding experience what vision, enterprise, hard work and missionary zeal could achieve. I am sure those who visit this institution would like similar ones to be started in their area.

Ramakrishna Mission will be remembered by the students & visitors alike for its exemplary contribution to the welfare of the society.

(DR . S. N. Saha)

Director (Geo Physics)

Geological Survey of India.



It has been a very rewarding experience for me and my wife to the wonderful institution. We were fortunate to attend the evening prayers and go through the exilerating experience of listening to devotional songs so enthusiastically sung by the boys.

R. K. Mission is doing great service to this region by imparting such stirling education to the tribal children. The Mission deserves one fullest compliments and one warm greetings to all the staff and students.

Our best wishes to the school and to all the staff and the students.


21 April 1983.

Lt Gen J K Puri

Director General Assam Rifle

Shilliong (Meghalaya)


Divine rhythm

Spiritual hymns


Silence emerges from the depth of the roaring ocean


Surrounded by the echoing hills situated on serene dales


See the emergence of New Arunachal.

The beautiful, the powerful, the moral, a strong youth


A beautiful carving

A shape so supreme


Tomorrow is secure

In the hands of these children!


S. K. Gupta


3 March 1983.

A very hearting visit to this institution. I was lucky to come just in time for the evening prayer meeting and I was delighted to see the young students being so helpful to the visitors who were coming for the first time. Later I spent some with the Swamiji of the institution and had a very interesting conversation with him. He and his team are engaged in a really wonderful work in this remote and sensitive part of the country.

S S Pandey

Director SSB/3-3-83

Year 1982

I have seen much since my return to Arunachal after nearly twenty years and nothing has given me so much joy – and hope for the future – as this visit to the Mission. Need to say more?

November 10th, 1982.

Avi Rustoing

4th May 1982

I had the privilege of visiting the R. k. Mission School Along today. I found it to be an excellent institution in respect of inculcating the qualities of head and heart, the discipline among students, the dedication of the teachers in general and Swamiji in particular and physical faculties developed in the institution are exemplary. Such institutions need all encouragement by the state Government.

(R. K. Solanki)

S. R. O. (education)

Planning commission.

I had the privilege of visiting the school and being shown round by Swamiji who took as much trouble in showing and explaining every thing. To me however this was not really very necessary after seeing and hearing the morning prayer and national Anthem, there was hardly anything more that I needed to know about the institution. If the face of the man is the index of the man the prayer activity and programme are the index of the school. In fact nothing I needed more at this hour------------- than the ---------------- of some values and virtues which can give strength and creditability to our lives and society. I wish and pray that this school shows light to more and more people – both young students and then parents and families.





Year 1981

I have no words to express how satisfying as visit to R. K. Mission, Along has always been. Today on Buddha Purnima day,  I had the privilege of meeting the monks of the students and witnessing an excellent cultural programme, with an underlying theme of national integration.

The RkM Along, by any standards, is one of the first rate institutions in the country. Given the requisite support of assistance it will grow from strength to strength and will produce not only the great sons of Arunachal Pradesh but of the country.

I can only express my deepest gratitude to Swami Gautamanandaji, the monks & the teachers for the great pains that they are taking to run this institution so well. My best wishes are with the institution.

(name required)/18-5-81

Chief Secretary,

Arunachal Pradesh.

I had heard a lot about this institution from my colleagues at Delhi. I had therefore decided to visit this institution when I started from Delhi. I would call it not a school but a temple which imparts character building, secularism, national integration and sense of sacrifice. When teaching has become commercial all around, this institution stands as a distinct place catering for something which is needed for nation-building. I wish other trusts/institution take hint from this institution and mould their teachings to their respect of life.

Date: 29-4-81






It is always a great pleasure to get away from the routine and spend some time with the Swamiji, monks and the children.

We feel so much at home. Today we planted a lot of trees, Orange.


Wajahat Kabir


I had the pleasure to visit the R. k. Mission, Along on 19.12.75. I found the institution very clean and children cheerful. I was thrilled to listen to the chantings and recitations performed by the children. Swamiji and his staff were very hospitable and noble. I hope, the institution will improve further in every respect and shall produce good and useful citizens for the country.