My wife and I visited the Ramakrishna Mission School Along, this afternoon spent an emotionally and spiritually satisfying few hours in the company of Swamiji, the Brahmacharis, the lay teachers and the children. The running of a school in the best traditions of the R. K. Mission in this area must have posed a special challenge to the organizers as this was perhaps one of the first efforts in a predominantly tribal area. The results achieved so far remarkable and moving. The discipline, enjoyment and total involvement that one notices in these very bright and obviously intelligent children is a tribute to the care and thought which have been bestowed on the organization and day to day running of the school. The interaction of the spiritual outlook of the Mission and the honesty and candor of these simple tribal people cannot but produce a crop of well-trained and well- disciplined leaders of men imbued with a sense of oneness and fellowship of men- we wish the institution all success and look forward to its growth and development ultimately into a full blown degree and post graduate college.

T. Swaminathan

T. Swaminathan

T. Swaminathan

T. Swaminathan

Chief Election Commissioner of India, New Delhi

24 Oct 1975


I had the pleasure to visit the R. k. Mission, Along on 19.12.75. I found the institution very clean and children cheerful. I was thrilled to listen to the chantings and recitations performed by the children. Swamiji and his staff were very hospitable and noble. I hope, the institution will improve further in every respect and shall produce good and useful citizens for the country.

Prema Khandu

Chief Minister, Arunachal Pradesh

19 Dec 1975



I had heard a lot about this institution from my colleagues at Delhi. I had therefore decided to visit this institution when I started from Delhi. I would call it not a school but a temple which imparts character building, secularism, national integration and sense of sacrifice. When teaching has become commercial all around, this institution stands as a distinct place catering for something which is needed for nation-building. I wish other trusts/institution take hint from this institution and mould their teachings to their respect of life.

G.D. Khemani

Deputy Director, Cabinet Secretary, New Delhi

29 April 1981